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Yay! It's my turn to go for a slide!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jirf88, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Isn't it fun? Not really. So, what have I learnt? Don't ride when you're tired.

    Turning left at some lights, alls clear, around we go. Just after I start the corner, a car appears in the corner of my vision, approaching from my right. No chance of him hitting me, but for whatever reason, my RTA instilled "brake when ANYTHING HAPPENS" car instincts kick in, and before I knew what I was doing I was sideways.

    Thats it. I grabbed a fistful of front brake. Presence of L plate = justified.

    So the bike has a bent gear selector, a cracked left upper, scuffed cowling, and broken mirror. I've got a skinned knee, and that's it. So to be quite honest, I got out of this quite lightly.

    Here's to not doing that again. :beer:
  2. OUchies. How's bad's the knee?
  3. ATGATT? and where did this happen?
  4. Fail. It happens though, good to hear you're OK. Pics of the knee/bike?
  5. Grue: Its just skinned and a bit sore. I've had worse falling off a pushbike. But I'm a massive girl when it comes to pain.

    Evilkenevil: MOTGATT. I had my boots, gloves, jacket and lid on, but normal jeans. Considering the impact though, I doubt the draggins would have helped. Not much sliding involved as it was very low speed. Slid on my hip, didn't tear the denim. It happened here, turning left.

    evader: Fail indeed. Serves me right for trying to drive home after spending the night on the piss. I'd get some pics of the knee up, but its hardly worth the effort. But the bike looks like this:

  6. That sucks. How'd you manage to break the screen?
  7. This is one of lifes unanswered questions. Ima guess it got torqued when the mirror hit the ground. Shitty ebay plastics, not much in them really.
  8. Two words: knee armour. Seriously. Pretty cheap, you can wear them under draggins (or normal jeans if you insist), and they soak up the worst of the punishment if you go down.
  9. Thats too bad mate. Hangovers skewer my ability to ride quite extremely. If it has been a big night, I cannot face the bike the next day and the noise my bike produces makes me cringe.

    Although your "brake when ANYTHING HAPPENS" is slightly opposed to my "throttle when ANYTHING HAPPENS". Both can be used I guess depending the situation.

    Oh, and steer clear of that Bernard Black.. he is a very bad influence.
  10. Yeah. Mine too, as I found out earlier. Driving a car when hung over is much easier, albeit just as stupid.

    And the brake when anything happens is a car reflex. Something I've been working hard to stop myself doing on the bike, but old habits die hard.
  11. jirff as long as you feel your body is all ok thats the main thing. did you see a doctor, if so good. if not, i am sure you know whether you kneed to ( pardon the pun ). so if you dont also good.

    fairing screen easily replaced and they can touch up the side easily. take care and get well soon
  12. Don't be too hard on yourself for it man, it all comes in time.

    If you want to really drill it out of you i'd suggest doing an intermediate/advanced course. If anything they will give you the confidence to know what your girl is capable of. However this cost will obviously factor in after repairs. Damage doesn't look too bad though, check fleabay for bits and if all else fails go for a cruise down to the wreckers. I usually go to Metro out auburn ways whenever i need some extra stupidity parts. The fairing isn't too bad either. Get a quote from a painter to see how much he wants to repair it and compare that to the cost of a new fairing. I spent around $450 for a second hand fairing and painting it all up whereas Honda wants like 800 or 900 for a new piece. It does help being mates with your panel beater though. \\:D/

    Most people taste tarmac at some point. As long as just the bike gets hurt and not you, you're laughing. You'll be up and running again in no time. If you need some cheering up i can give you my ground down oggy knob so you can smile when you think just how little it will cost you in comparison! :rofl:
  13. Yeah Not4Resale, its all good :D Ima think of it as having lived a full life, I think. Considering for the cost of a fairing and some pride I've managed to learn a few useful things, I don't think its that bad of a situation.

    Fortunately, my neighbour is a panel beater. And a damned good one. Ima ask him tomorrow afternoon about repairing the cowling, but I'll need a replacement side fairing. Good job on Metro's though. I've been there before, looks pretty good.

    All going to plan, I'll be back up to no good in no time ;)

    Thanks all!
  14. Sorry to hear about your go on the slide!!... good that things weren't any worse :)
  15. Such a nice little zzr to have it happen to too. But the important thing is you're ok.

    By the way, +1 to knee armour. I can show you a couple of different ones if you wanna see what they're like (yeah, I do wear them).

  16. Yeah, but she'll be right. She's just growing up :)

  17. So would be riding a bike, especially if your on " L " plates.....correct me if I'm wrong
  18. That was the implication of that particular statement, yes...
  19. Bad luck about that.
    In a car...braking would be the correct and first instinct...On a bike, evasive action, would be your first instinct, then braking depending on the outcome.

    Experience will fix that, and now you have a personal experience from which to learn and remember.

    Sorry about the bike, but really...it's fixable...just annoying, I know.

  20. Thats unlucky mate, i did the same thing last saturday but at a roundabout, otherwise same story except did a bit of a flip and landed on my shoulder, luckily no injury as i was wearing gear, but lost a blinker...