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YAY, I passed my Ps

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by miikeboyle, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    Did my Ps test today at Loftus Tafe.
    Passed with flying colours.

    I thought i may have been in trouble when i realised after getting some lunch that i had a huge screw in my tire. Luckily it was still ridable for the day and i could finish the test, but its now too flat to ride, so ill have to wait til Monday to get it fixed.

    Look forward to meet more of you on some rides.

  2. congrats on passing pity bout the tyre, not been able to ride it now but then again offically your still a learn so make sure you have it repaired for the change in plastic :p
  3. welcome and congrats.....
  4. Congrats. Bummer on the tyre, at least it got you through.
  5. major congrats with passing..well done :grin:
    Bummer about the tyre though..... :(
  6. congrats man....
  7. Well done Mike
  8. congratulations

    congrates mate.

    Im doing my Ps test next month at Clyde, could you give us some tips and some do's & don'ts to pass the test?


  9. Brilliant! You've done well, Mike :grin: ... and especially lucky to get through the test before your bike became unrideable. Phew!
  10. Congrats man, shame about the tyre though.
    I passed my Ps at campbelltown on the same day :grin:

    Things i would recomend to practise to others would be general slow speed control, u turn and emergency braking. You get plenty of practise on the day, just try to relax and you will be fine.
  11. Congrats... the first ride with your P's off make you feel like an absolute champ!
  12. Congratulations on attaining your P's :grin:
  13. Thanks for all the congrats guys.
    I havent yet gone for that first ride yet as my wheel is being plugged as we speak.

    As far as tips go for the Ps test, just ride around as much as you can.
    The testing in mainly aimed at slow speed bike control, which i guess is something that doesnt really get used all that much on the road. Theres some speed stopping and swerving too.

    Im a pretty confident rider, but still got a bit nervous just as it was a test.
    You get lots of practice on the day, but i went up the evening before for some practice too.

    I guess hardest things would be the U turn and the weave, but they really was not that hard, just go slow, stay in first and really play the clutch. The instructor also said keep your foot lightly on the back brake and it causes the chain to stay tight and removes that jerkyness you get.

    There were 8 of us and we all passed.

    I look forward to seeing some of you guys on the road. Just look out for a red spada on P plates around Sydney and on the next Lerners Ride.

    Thanks again
  14. Good shit mike. We will be in touch.
  15. I think the test to get your P's is a lot easier than the L's. Yet to see anyone thats failed it.
  16. Good one, Mike. Congrats \:D/