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Yay i passed my PreLearners course!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sjk_u_u, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Yay i passed my PreLearners course on the 16th Feb at Clyd. Having no previous experience with bike or mannual cars, there were many things i had to learn. evryone in my group passed including me hehehehe. anyway ill be getting my Ls and a bike soon. For anyone whos gonna do theirs um just listen to the instructor and ask him questions and help if you dont know what you are doing. Also relax your arms and elbows and be gentle and smooth with the brakes, accelerate, and the clutch. make sure your instructor see you turning your head to where u are going and also dont look down what so ever when stopping and gear change. Its pretty easy but theres alot to learn. goodluck to anyone whos gonna do theirs soon.

  2. Don't be in a rush to tell us or anything. :)
  3. at least you didnt have too go throught the trouble i went through just to get ya L's
  4. Well done mate. Happy riding
  5. that's pretty cool dude. I got my L's last friday 1st go and got my first lesson on monday...

    oh yeah, this is my first post and I like this forum already and it seems just like all the other ones that I am on, so I hope my time here is well spent which I think it will be...

    I wanna get a Suzuki GSX R 600 someday, but a 250cc bike will do for now. which one is the best one to get in this class?
  6. You'll get as many different answers to that as there are types of 250's.

    Best bet is to test ride some and go with the one you like the most.
  7. that brings me to ask another question...if I am on my L's, can I still ride a 250cc on my own? I mean testing one sure you might have a guy/gal from the dealership following you, but can I do this or what?

    I am thinking I might get a Suzuki 250cc, coz I sat on a GSX R 600 @ Northcoast Kawasaki in Maroochydore the other day and it fitted me like a glove! I'm 6ft 7" and the angle of my back was in a nuetral stance where there was no pressure on it, so I wanna get a Suzuki - and the Suzuki is the best bike in Australian Motorcycle Magazine.