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Yay got my L's!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dup@, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Well finally got my L's at Motorcycle Motion! I guess heaps of people put up 1st posts like this but i'm excited to finally be part of the community!!!!

    Ordered some leathers off newenough.com now just need to find myself a helmet and a bike!

    Know its a bad time to buy but i'm after a CBR250R/RR or possibly FZR250R/RR, not only is it fast approaching summer but i live in VIC too! Anyone selling - not too many on ebay/classifieds around the $4k mark???
  2. Congrats dup@, yeah its pretty cool to get your Ls, exciting times ahead!

    Good luck finding a bike and welcome to Netrider. :)
  3. Well done dup@ and welcome to Netrider, get out on the road as soon as you can, you'll love it.
  4. Congrats on your Ls dup@ :grin:
  5. Congrats! Prolly not a real bad time to buy - yeah people are riding again but there's sure to be something out there - try widening your searches.
  6. congratss mate, hope you find yourself a good bike to learn on,

    e x
  7. Congrats dup@ and welcome.

    I'd be intrested to know how you went with ordering stuff online with newenough.com
  8. Congrats on obtaining your Ls and welcome to Netrider. Hope you find a good bike. Fireblade has a CBR250RR for sale but I am not sure how much he is asking for it.
  9. Good stuff! Be wary of the cost of insuring a CBR250RRRRRRRR, it might be worth getting something to knock about until you get a bigger bike?
  10. Woohoo! Congrat's dup@!!!

    Ride as much as you can....get heaps of practice in....and when you're not on the bike read as much info. as you can about being on the bike....be warned...it's all about the bike now... :LOL: :LOL:
  11. congrats mate and welcome to the 2 wheeled club....

    hope to see you on a ride/at an event soon

    Cheers stewy
  12. Congrats dup@, welcome to the community
  13. Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone - Cheers! Been hunting all day and found a few to look at so hopefully something will come up in the next few weeks.
  14. Well done with L's. I think you'll have trouble getting a cbr of fzr on the 4K mark unless they're pretttyyyy aged. More likely to have troubles, if it was me I'd either spend more (6-7k) or get a dif bike.