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Yay! Got my L's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Pugsly, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. :dance:

    Beautiful morning for it at Sandown too.

    Now I need a bike... I want one today. I'm not known for my patience... argh!

    I had a silly thought on the way home - apart from Vicroads (who would be closed on weekends) where do I get L plates from? (it's been a long time since I was on Ls).

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  2. Congrats!

    Next goal is get those Ps.

    Ride safe!
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  3. Congratulations!

    L plates you should be able get at servos, bike shops, car accessories shops (Supercheap etc). I hear you on the impatience. I picked up my bike a week after I got my L's and that felt like a long wait!

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  4. Yay! Congratulations.

    Hope you have a blast when you get a bike!
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  5. Congrats! When you get your bike, take it easy; there's still a lot to learn.

    +1 on Supercheap, Repco etc. Hell, try KMart, or Reject Shop too.

    Be aware you may need to drill or punch a new hole - some plates will rub on the rear tyre and break.
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  6. Thanks for the heads up on where to get L's.

    Common sense has kicked in on a bike purchase. I had the opportunity to sit on a GS500, a CB500F and a CRR500R. The CB500F won. I'm not confident enough to take any for a test ride in Melbourne CBD or Dandenong, but just based on seating position with feet up on the pegs, the Honda is definitely more comfortable. It also wins on torque, ABS and other gadgets, just not price.

    So, if I buy the Honda (if I say), I'm not going to be able to ride it for a bit anyway. I'm in Sydney next week, wife is going on a girly weekend away and I'm looking after the little tacker (too young to pillion, and I'm on Ls anyway). I also don't have pants yet. They should arrive in the next week or so. So best to cool my heels and see if I can negotiate anything off these Hondas.

    And yup, I will be taking it easy. 50kms in the back streets for a bit...
  7. Well done Pugsly, enjoy your riding mate, but please take it easy particularly when getting used to your new bike. Stay around your neighbourhood originally (assuming its a fairly quiet one), and give yourself a chance to build your confidence and control skills before venturing out into heavier traffic. Well done again mate, enjoy! Ride smart, ride safe! :dance::applause:
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  8. congrats pugsly!
    are you going to get a new bike?
    I got Peter Stevens to put on a L plate for me when I got my bike from there
  9. You know about the cb500 test ride days at Hart right ?


    And gratz on your L's welcome to excitement :)
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  10. I think I am. I was going to get a second hand GS500, but after sitting on one, and then a CB500F, I'm definitely for the CB500 - and there isn't any second hand ones of those.

    I do, I've booked in for May, but I don't think I'm going to last that long!

    Will do Mel. As I said the other night, I have an industrial estate nearby, I'll be using that to start with. :)
  11. Great work, mate. I did my test at Sandown, too.

    Have some patience with the bike purchase, though, as you don't want to rush this part. Research, go sit on some bikes, test ride some if you feel confident, and make a informed decision. Trust me, the extra wait will make it even sweeter when you first set off on your own. The first 3 or so days of my bike adventures were spent on local roads mastering clutch / gear control, throttle control, stopping, and other general controls of the bike. I'd advise you not to go on any busy streets until you are least confident enough to start without stalling (even on a slight hill/incline), and understand the basics of gear changing and breaking. With those basics down-pat you can then slowly build on your skills until you are comfortable to move on to bigger, more busy rides.

    Enjoy it!
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  12. That's one way to do it, but hardly the only way. Some of my first week's riding included night time, rain, peak hour traffic and almost all of it was on unfamiliar roads because I'd only moved to Melbourne a month before. Plenty of others here have more extreme "dive in at the deep end" kind of stories.
  13. good onya Pugsley ...
  14. Congrats on your Ls!

    It's a good idea to take it slow, but on the other hand I still remember how proud I was when I safely rode my bike home through Melbourne CBD (of course without stalling) and parked her for the first time in the garage. Wouldn't want to have missed that experience for anything in the world!

    Carrying pillions is something that I would really, really not be thinking about at all when just starting off ;)
  15. Conga rats on the Ls mate, well done. I didn't think we'd be waiting long to hear that :)

    I still want to see you on a cruiser, because... well, JOIN US, BE ONE OF US... but beside that, I'm glad you like the CB500F. Comfort is very important so if you're comfortable you'll enjoy your riding. Ask the dealer if you can get a test ride before you buy. Even though you just got your Ls you might be surprised what you can get away with, and it's incredible what you can learn just going a few km on a bike.