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Yay got my L's aswell

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by blackjackx, May 4, 2007.

  1. Well boys and Gals,

    Finally got my L's and took my baby out for her first legal spin. ^^ Decided to ride to macca's so I headed there and was about to walk through the door when i relised I hadnt brought anything to carry it home in lol. So I had to go back and come back with a backpack. Well thanks to everyone that helped answer all my questions regarding the L's course etc and looking forward to going on a learners ride with you all. Also just one quick question has the 13 May learner ride been cancelld? or is it still on? It wasnt quite clear in the topic.

    - NathanieL
  2. Congrats on the license and bike man! I've only been riding about 3 and a half weeks but I can tell you it has been one of the best times of my life. A bike will never fail to put a big, ear to ear smile on your face :D

    I was wondering about the May 13th ride aswell. Is anyone from the Sutherland shire thinking of going to that group ride??
  3. Congratulations on getting your L's.

    Good luck and safe riding

  4. have a geeze there's a post around on take away.... dw bout the backpack. just dont get the drink and chuck the bag under ur jacket. if i can manage with 2 lge pizzas you'll be right. (i'm surprised i managed i'm a bit unco at the best of times)
  5. Sure you forgot it ! Any excuse for a longer ride eh :wink:

    Congrats, stay safe.
  6. Nice work on the L's mate
  7. Haha yeah I have ridden home with newspapers, pizzas, easter eggs.... when I don't have a bag :p

    Congrats to the OP on getting your L's
  8. /me high fives NathanieL!

    Also passed my Pre-Learner course yesterday (Thursday 3rd) and got my L's at lunch today (Friday 4th). The chick at the RTA double checked my cert of competence and was like woah, you're keen eh :p

    Here's to staying safe and having a blast! :cool:
  9. congrats on the licence... if your ever free on thursday night feel free to come down to KK's @ 7:30pm .. there is only a few learners who go down there.... and a shit load of experienced riders... hope to see you sometime
  10. thanx guys,

    yea komunista I was thinking of going to meet up at KK's soon. Maybe in a week or 2 but still getting used to riding my bike, but I'll see ya at KK soon :p
  11. Congrats on the L's man. Theres a few of us around this area, would be good to see you out sometime. Might have a ride once my legs better lol.

    So what do you ride?
  12. Would be good to meet up with some fellow Learners. I have a ZZR250. On a side note I met my first annoying cager today. I was stopped at a T junction waiting for a gap in the traffic to turn right when this stupid fat old man squeezes his car right next to me and puts his turn signal on and tries to turn right around me. I got so pissed of at him I rode right infront of his car and stopped and stared at him for like 1min, Didnt expect people to be such idiots, not only was it that I was at the front of the line I am a learner and he tries to cut infront of me and turn right . Made me so mad >.<
  13. Just remember despite him being an idiot, think back to your pre-learner course. His car has about a tonne on you and it would be a rather shallow victory to enjoy from a hospital bed :?

    Ride safe peeps and let the idiots take themselves out :p
  14. Good stuff Nathan,
    Dont drop it, hope we can catch up soon so my old bike can meet my new one. Ha Ha

    The next learner ride is 27May (Southern Trip) The cahnge of date is on page 12 of the post (I think)
  15. hehe well done, i have had my L's for god.. i think 2 months of a guess.. but i have clocked up 1k+ clicks, riding is great.........except when the bike does a rocker gasket.. and you haven't been riding for 4 weeks lol.

    also i've rode home with a 2lt coke under my jacket, only for it to fall out when i got up the driveway lol
  16. Hi,

    Might as well add it to this thread. I got my L's as well! I have been riding heaps already including an old pac run with ccsbr.

    I must say that I am loving being legal and it gives the kind of feeling that is hard to produce in anything else that I do.