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Yay, Go Me!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Snowie, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. I would proudly like to announce that I passed my licence test today!!! :beer:\\:D/:dance:

    GreyBM, I know you're gonna wonder how I did it, but I did and I only got 1 and 0 points on my emergency braking!!! =D>:D

  2. Congratulations, hopefully I will be able to say that as well soon.

    How was it?
  3. Really easy String ... way easier than the learner's test!
  4. Congratulations, Snowie !!! That is fantastic news - well done !
    I certainly found my 'fulls' much easier than my L's..one reason perhaps due to testing being 'revisited' stuff, rather than new altogether. On top of this, I had ridden a fair amount whilst on L's.
    Hope to see you out sometime but this surely must mean another bike (upgrade?) is on the cards ? ;)
    Good for you.
  5. Thanks Nickers, appreciate your kind words. Won't be upgrading for awhile yet, ride a 650 now, so won't be allowed to upgrade to anything bigger before my restrictions are up ... plus, you probably don't want to know what I want to upgrade to!!! LOL Does that mean we can't do muffins and a ride up Whittlesea-Yea Rd??? :)
  6. Fantastic news Snowie, well done.
  7. Not at all, Snowie ! A ride up that way (your way) is always on the cards...when I get the chance to head up there. But your point of "you probably don't want to know what I want to upgrade to!!! LOL " ha got me thinking.... Nooo..wait...NOOOOOOOO ! You're going the cruiser option ? ;)

    Again, congrats and a ride & muffins are both always welcome :)
  8. brilliant news, congratulations, I also found that I was pretty good at the emergency braking part.
    lol when I did my L's one of the guys said I must've been cheating because of the amount of time it took for me to get through the slow ride rectangle.
  9. Yesss Nickers, YESSSSS, sorry to disappoint you, but I've already gone that option, just bigger and better next time! :|
  10. All good, Snowie. Consider myself an 'all-rounder'... I'll ride with anyone, as long as you nod to a sportsbike rider ;)
  11. Congrats Snowie. And that goes to Boof as well as I am sure he helped a lot. Always good to see the L's come off.

    Did you ever do any good getting adjustable levers?
  12. Congrats, you're gonna have a heap of fun now.
  13. Woohoo!!!

    Well done Snowie, congrats! (y)
  14. Well done Snowy....

    So I See a sporty in the future, or go straight to the RKC?

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  15. Thanks Grey and Boof thanks you too ... I'm sure YOU had a little hand in helping me pass!!!

    Did a lot of research and asking questions about those adjustable levers. Asked at our local Yammie dealer but they informed us that they don't make adjustable levers for the XVS ... must be the only model they don't make them for!!! HOWEVER, Boof moved the whole brake lever and master cylinder up slightly and it's made a world of difference. When you haven't got many options you just gotta do what you gotta do. Might see you tomorrow am for some braking experience!!!

    I just want to take the opportunity to thank you GreyBM for all the help that you have given me over my couple of attendances at the Sat am learner riders group. Your patience with me and sound advice was (is) something that I will never forget. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all the time you give up, for not only me, but all the other learners that you help to make better riders. Your advice is second to none :)
  16. Thanks for your encouragement Blocka, Nightowl & Cougs! Appreciate it!!!
  17. Well Done Snowie =D>

    Awesome news :D ...
    I had trouble with my bike and the levers too .. Suzuki didn't make them for the GS500 ..
    fortuantley the GSXR ones fitted with some slight mods ..
    maybe you could have a look at a different Yamaha cruisers adjustable levers and see if they could fit .
  18. (S)Nickers, I nod to EVERYONE who nods to me!!! :)
  19. Thanks Kitt :) Really appreciate your support

    Checked our local Yammie dealer who said Yamaha DON'T make adjustable levers for the V-Star, which is a shame ... I'm tempted to contact them and complain about that, along with not having a fuel gauge (how $hit is that???) BUT, at the moment I'm far more interested in finding a cheap 12V heated vest (can we get these cheap duty free, my AWESOME friend (S)Nickers, whom I will compensate with freshly cooked muffins to compensate for the favour)!!!!
  20. If you want a cheap heated vest, talk to Doug. He made one for a few dollars. Just wish I could say it looked attractive :LOL: But under a jacket who is going to see anyway.