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Yay for me

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by NJS, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Did my Q-ride yesterday, drz-400sm lot's of fun, passed with ease. The bloke was fantastic and confidence inspiring. The ride was a great blast through the cane and northern suburbs of Mackay.
    So 2 things.
    1st I am an idiot. I am 32 this year. That's 14 years I could have been riding but haven't. Dickhead!
    2nd need a bike. Talking to a bloke around the corner, who, it turns out, has about a dozen old Ducati's in various states of dis/repair in his shed. Anyway, asked if he knew anyone who had a cheap bike to sell. The reply was that he had one I could have. Not a Ducati. An 83 xt250t. Currently not working, but the 50 dollar part I am picking up tomorrow, coupled with the maintenance book, which will hopefully turn up next week, mean I have a very cheap bike.
    By the way, does the bike satisfy those here that insist that you must have a shitter for your first bike?

  2. :LOL: :LOL:
    Ya reckon you're an idiot ?
    46 when i got my licence .. thats 28 years I've wasted
  3. got mine at 19. idiot for not getting them at 18 :S
  4. lol - 36yrs old and I got my licence yesterday too.

    This morning I plucked up the courage to ride my ZZR to work instead of the bus and WOW - awesome.... I arrived with a smile on my face!

    How could I have been a stressed out bus-schmuck for so long? :eek:
  5. I live by the phrase,
    "It's compulsory to grow old, but optional to grow up!"

    I got my L's at 2 months ago at 32yrs old.

    Have fun and be safe!
  6. Congrats to both of you; and to answer the original question, yes, I think a 25-year-old road/trail bike is a great starting point :LOL:.
  7. Congrats :cool:
    Nah more likely 14 years of accidents; you should only have one or two now. :cry:
    Nah mate, only if you get one of the Dukes.:wink:
  8. Indeed. Am hoping I have a couple more brains now than back then. Am sure there wold have been at least one big stack if I started younger.

    As to the Dukes, I think this man is going be shouted a lot of beer and then we will wait and see. I would be happy just to give him a hand and go for a ride.
  9. As stated above, you're no fool for getting your bike license later in life.

    I'm 33 and had my L's for 3 months, bike for 2 months. I don't have a car license.

    Welcome to the life of two wheels :wink:
  10. I got mine when I was 57, so that's about 40 years wasted!! :cry: But I'm trying to make up for it by having ridden 12,000 kms since I got my Ls last August. :)
  11. Looks like I'm the smartest one here then. 17 and going for my p's this week :grin:
    Congrats to everyone :)
  12. I got my license in 1974 and sold a bike in 1985, and didn't ride again till 2005; how dumb am I???
  13. How could You? YOU KNEW!!

    At least I had only done some paddock bashing.

    Sorry, but total loss of respect.