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Yay for Ebay & Your Best Bargains?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by AdamR33, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I just had an ebay item delivered that I won at auction last week.

    I got some Tiger Angel Serpentine 2 piece leathers. Price delivered? $270 :cool:

    They are in really good condition and most importantly fit nice and snug. Although i am yet to try the pants.

    So what bargains have you picked up from Ebay? I think these leathers have been my best so far

  2. We are so obsessed with consumerism. We buy buy buy buy buy buy.. Companies are getting richer while we sink in debt..

    Enter Ebay \:D/

    Now, instead of chucking away those useless impulsed purchases, we sell them back in ebay and cut our losses. Sometimes we make a profit too..
    Others, instead of paying top$ at the shop, they get it in ebay at half, even less price.. A win win situation for the consumer...
  3. From the exhaust, airbox, protectors, oggies, irridium plugs, etc. that I've ordered in the last month, I've saved about 600 off rrp.
  4. Not so much eBay, but the plethora of online classifieds have saved me a metric f$%k-tonne on bikes and gear...
  5. tinted screen for $45 - perfect nik.

    and Alpine Stars boots for $80 second hand exc. cond, great bargain!

    gota love ebay.
  6. Just got a pair of crash sliders from US for $58 delivered.
    Am still waiting on a paddock stand (used) for $50 delivered.
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  8. I was considering getting some sliders for a very low cost from ebay. You can get swingarm sliders and oggies for 60 delivered... but when its something that important I decided to spend the extra money to get what everyone recommended for my bike (motosliders), for $140 delivered.

    Is there much difference? Who knows, but best to go with something you know has been proven and tested when it could be the determining factor between royally fecked or just a few scratches.
  9. Handmade Aluminium Swingarm for my SR.

    People over here want $1200AUD, got one for $450! from the states. Delivered!
  10. Based on what I've read, I think that MG will have this thread nailed :p.
  11. Ebay huh..

    I just paid for an almost New 2008 Yamaha Yzf-R1 in all chrome for $4500... just waiting on delivery now.
  12. Not from Algeria or somewhere is it? :p
  13. best deal i got was not mc related but still

    2X shakespear uglystick fishing rods (6' spinner and 8' estuary rod) retail on these is anywhere from 100 - 200 a piece depending on where you get em from, got both of mine delivered from the us for a grand total of $28 including postage (i am a very happy fishing bunny)
  14. I just won a massive tool box for my truck 1800x500x500 for $36, 25mins up the road from me so no delivery either. :grin:

    Track bike got -
    Radiator from USA $150 delivered ($600 in Aust)
    Dash from NZ $180 delivered ($1100 in Aust)

    I lurv ebay, when I did my big tidy up at the house a couple of years ago, ebay funded 80% of my new bike!
  15. I've bought lots of bits and pieces, my leather jacket retails here for $750
    got it delivered to my door for $320AU from USA.

    Yesterday I bought a new tinted visor, $12.50USD ended up $29.40AU delivered and PS in the city quoted me $65, so I'm pretty happy.

    Bar end weights, wreckers wanted $15 each with no screws, got them for $18 a pair with screws inc postage.
  16. I just got a brand new Shark RSR2 helmet for $379 vs $799 in shop!! I thought that at that price something wasn't right! But when the seller delivered it, the helmet was absolutely new!!!

    the Ebay Item Number: 290187601341
  17. Ebay rules !!!!
    Gaurne Boots New $150
    Collins leather jacket New from the Collins factory $100
    Collins carbon gloves New $29
    Hindle slip-on New $300
    Vesrah gasket set $33
    Fork oil Putoline syn $10/lt
    Michelin tyre New $20
    etc, etc

    Why would you shop anywhere else??
  18. yesmaster.

    Not enough room in ere to list all my bargains


    But to name a few..


    $120+ Green integrated lights for $10


    Pegs & oil plug ($60), I paid $10

    Chrome Front & Rear fluid cap & Oil cap sell for $50 each. I got
    a matching set of 3 Ninja caps for $49.95
  19. There are a never ending list of bargins to be found on Ebay! I love the place myself, and have bought a number of things including my lastest cage for $500. It has air con that works, drives well, had 4 months rego when I bought it, and is great for them rainy days when I dont want to ride anywhere.

    Ebay is great, just have to watch out for the shipping costs some times.

    Just to add to my bargins! I just won 2 Genuine R6 panels for $95.00 including postage! :shock: RRP per side from Yamaha is $480.00 Custom paint job is getting closer!