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Yay, first commute

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Oldmaid, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Please let me bore someone out there in netrider land- sitting playing desk jockey and so chuffed with myself and no one to share with- talk about the sound of one hand clapping....anyway I did my very first commute today from Baulko to Randwick (POWH). Was passing bricks so to speak but didn't want to let myself down- so shoulders back and into the fray. M2 okay but having to keep to 90km when no traffic brings out the BDSM in cagers and had a few ahole tailgaters but I got to Lane Cove tunnel intact and enjoy the hum of my yoshimura pipe all the more but holy hell after that- what madness is that Harbour Bridge- like herding kittens- I was sitting in the queue into the tunnel contemplaing my yoshi hum again when I realised that all the other bikers were going across the bridge- bugger- I was thinking with my car not my bike- won't do the tunnel again was torture. But the 2 buses I normally have to take to get here ends up taking 1.5 hours or 2 hours door to door but on my hot little number took ~45 minutes even with traffic. I may only do the ride once a week because of $26 in tolls but I did it and no one was injured in the making of this epic journey! I just had to share with the ether-even if it only echoes-I did it yay!!!!!:D

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  2. two hands clapping now - well done
  3. Brilliant!
    Several hands clapping now. :snaphappy:
  4. Don't go LCT. There is a bus lane the whole way on the surface, so it barely takes any longer. $20 now.

    Well done, I'll probs pass you on the bridge and give you a nod.
  5. Well done Joan!

    Imagine how much more fun it can be once you're allowed to filter as well!
  6. Grats,
    I just started my commutes to work in the last 2 weeks. I can totally relate to how you feel lol.
  7. Great stuff (clap clap!). That 90kmh limit must be a bummer though, unsafest rule I have ever heard!!
  8. Well done Mistress Molly
  9. Fantastic & well done @Mizmolly@Mizmolly! I did my first real trip last week from Homebush to Sutherland so I get the feeling. Holy molly :)

    I know with E-Toll you can apply for ERider and it costs $90 per quarter flat fee for unlimited travel on SHB and Tunnel. Check this one out (I had to shorten the URL link because it is very long) >> http://bit.ly/1tXkGcZ
  10. What an amazing feeling! I still go 70 kms and I get all excited.
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  11. @Martha@Martha well done you Homebush to Sutherland (not breakfast torque??) The killer is also needing the the M2 $6+ one way and from my end of the planet quickest way to cover a lot of kms- can avoid the LC tunnel and save some $$
  12. @Mizmolly@Mizmolly I had to miss breakfast torque on the weekend. What a pity :( Avoid LC if you can it's not worth the $$ spent there. I travel to Randwick often from Homebush and from here it's either Parramatta Rd > Wattle St > Bondi... or M5. Long way to avoid tolls depending on the time of day
  13. Well what goes out must come back...the Eastern Dist was at snail pace my clutch hand was killing me after crawling through but in the end only took 40 mins to get to lc tunnel. M2 was, well, soul destroying it took me an hour from lc to home. @CrazyCam@CrazyCam would be sooooo proud of my slow riding skills -any slower and you would have had to check for a pulse! Not sure I could do this everyday though esp as I can't filter but will maybe do on a Friday as quieter. Almost needed a driver/rider reviver on the side of the road. Looking forward to a ride tomorrow in a gear other than first or second haha! :meh:
  14. Hey Joan, great to see you are out and about on 'Kermit'... :]
    Looks fantastic actually, and when you rocked up to Homebush a few weeks ago, you looked very natural on it. We met at the learner's weekend at Clyde, (Fred on the red 'Rhonda the Honda' CBR500R).

    I was commuting for a while too, from Blakehurst to Potts Point & back daily.
    Got the shits with it eventually, because while the ride in to work was only 35 minutes, coming home is 4 days out of 5, a slow horrible crawl.
    Best time home was 55 mins, worst was over 2 hours on very hot afternoon of in and out of gear, stop start traffic through Randwick, through General Holmes, the Grand Parade and Kogarah - clutch hand suffering. I am very comfortable riding in the traffic, but...
    Fact - it is quicker for me to walk to the train station in Kings Cross, catch a train to Hurstville, then walk 5 kms to Blakehurst and I'm still home quicker than taking the motorbike - now THAT is ridiculous !
    Yeah I know, that's just Sydney traffic but now I limit my riding to very early morning weekend rides (to Balmoral or Taronga Zoo area and back) and I have been up to Homebush twice where I enjoyed the opportunity to practise. Great fun riding through the fog on my way across the Harbour Bridge last Saturday, looked quite surreal.

    I was keen in the beginning to try to get my 'P's as fast as possible, but I'm gonna take my time now, looking at booking in mid January for the test.
    I have a month off over the December / January hols, so plenty of time for daily practice then, and might catch up for a ride somewhere hey.

    Take care out there, and good on you for sticking with the commuting !
    cheers Fred.
  15. I wanted to wait for ps as well but couldn't find a weekend day free near to me until march! So i took what I could get....BtW it is Jane or Molly
  16. Hi Molly, (and sorry about that)
    you'll be fine, no doubts you will succeed.
    That advanced course that you completed recently sounds like a great idea for me too.
    cheers, Fred.
  17. Highly recommend it and the instructor individualised as well as he could in a disparate group of 6 riders. Before we went out to ride he went through our riding history (zilch) what was our main concerns with our riding (cornering and that rotten tight right u turn). Was really good but best was the road set up there. HART is on the old police car/bike training centre so set up for almost all riding possibilities. Even the poor old police dog kennels remain.
    Go for it!
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  18. Congratulations, Mizmolly.

    As smileedude said, skipping the Lane Cove Tunnel is probably a good idea on a motorbike with the bus lane on the surface being free.

    I'd also suggest a session in front of Google maps figuring out possible alternative routes.

    While going down Victoria Road seems a long way for a short cut, it is free, and has bus lanes.

    Maybe it isn't THAT much extra on your ride...... Google can tell you pretty quick!

    Aye, but the nice doggies are gone, replaced by snakes. ;-)
  19. Being slightly bored, I did the Google business from my place to POW Casualty....

    M2 and M1, I assume this includes LCT and Harbour Bridge, is 32.5 kilometres.

    By Victoria Road and the A40 (whatever that is) is claimed to be 32.6 kilometres.

    Given a clear run, M2 and M1 costs more, but should be quicker, but, given the morning parking lot nature of the M2, I'd certain use Victoria Road.

    Google seems to head you onto M1 towards the end of the trip, but I'm sure there has to be a toll free way of getting there.
  20. [QUOTE="CrazyCam, post: 2778709, member: 39235"

    Aye, but the nice doggies are gone, replaced by snakes. ;-)[/QUOTE]
    I am not even going to go there you wicked man!:ROFLMAO:
    Went to Homebush toady for MOST. Was a sad sad thing to watch me do my beautiful green machine an enormous disservice with my appalling cones and u turns.
    After a few goes I got the tomtits decided the sky was starting to match my mood and got me coat and went home!
    Does anyone else have times when they should just take shanks pony and stay away from anything mechanical??? I knew it was going to be crap and shouldn't have ridden even riding home was pathetic. Better get my mojo back quick if I am going to get Ps ....