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Yay another first bike thread!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by arlennnn, May 9, 2012.

  1. Oh look it's another first bike thread, so apologies in advance. I admit I'm a sucker for looks and so I'll be looking at getting a faired bike for my first. I dabbled in the idea of getting a vtr or similar, and while I do like the nakeds I just can't pull myself away from a sexy "sports" 250. I know some people might say all Learners will most likely drop their first bike, or don't be too concentrated on looks, but when im spending this amount of cash, I gotta get something I really want right?

    Was seriously considering getting a new or newish ninja considering they're only 5990 ride away, but now I've Stumbled upon the gorgeous zxr250 and I can't take my eyes away from her. I know she's rare (which would mean parts as well), call me stupid but I think I'm in love. Am I crazy?

    On a side note I also wanted a gladius or er6nl, if only I could afford one!

    Any feedback, whether good or bad will be greatly appreciated :biker:
  2. *nods* i've owned a gpx...now own a zzr 250 and a ol' cbx 250...i've still got a zxr 250 in my sights before i step upto 600's...my general understanding (correct me if wrong guys) but they're the answer to the cbr 250rr...20k rev limiter and the old styling...they are beautiful machines
  3. Crazy, get a bike that you can ride. When you are learning it doesnt matter what you ride, the riding is what is important.
  4. *hangs head*....vertical C is correct.
  5. Yep, get a bike you're comfortable on, is dependable, and that you like. It can be hard to get the right combination, but well worth the effort - it IS your first bike after all.

    As for new vs used.. Well you have to decide for yourself the trade offs, same as with any vehicle purchase. The main 250's dont depreciate much, but their biggest depreciation comes in that first year or two (+ any drops along the way, but that will either happen or it won't).
  6. Oh Vertical C, you've made me very sad but part of me knew that was probably going to come. :(
    Are they that powerful? The fact that they're a 4cyl was icing on the cake for me. Plus I love the styling, but didn't want an old cbr250rr, and I found a few ridiculously cheap ones.

    Oh well, I guess it's back to the sensible ninja 250r.
  7. They are not more powerful... well they are but so little you won't notice the difference as a learner.

    The reason that you shouldn't buy one is that they are too rare and that parts are too hard to get. When you start riding you will find out that its just about being out there. Its better to be out there on a bike that you can get parts for so that you can get out riding. Also a lot of mechanics wont touch them. All this is too much hassle for a learner who should just be riding.

    A ZZR250/GPX250 is also cheap but parts arent a problem. It is the predecessor of the ninja 250. You can pick a reasonable one up for $3K.
  8. ah you're completely right, have to admit I fell into this trap with my current car.

    I must say I've never been keen on the GPX250, I do like the ZZR250 but I can't get past the rear fairing, looks a bit, I don't know, strange to me! but that's just me being extremely picky I guess.
  9. have you looked at suzuki gs500f? faired, will keep you smiling :)
  10. Actually yes! I do quite like the gs500f, if I can find a decently priced one I wouldn't pass it up.

    Reminds me, about half a year ago I was driving to work down the driveway in my set of units, this was at 5am and I see what looked like a headlight on the floor, thought it was strange, came up closer and realised a guys gs500f had fallen on him and he was stuck. He'd been trying to call for help but clearly no one heard him!

    Anyway back to the thread, thanks for your opinions guys, definitely has changed my opinions on what I want, and it hasn't even been a day since I posted this! :D
  11. a few have those bikes and love them..
  12. Amen VC - just ride it, ride it, ride it.....you get the idea

  13. Well I've more or less done a 180 and now on the hunt for a DZR400sm!
    Not as much pesky plastic to crack, looks gorgeous, and the opportunity for loads of fun :)
  14. Good choice
  15. Yeah great choice.