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Yay another bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by tonee, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. I've finally got rid of the VFR and now a Street Triple. As a comparision, they're both fabulous bikes that comprises each other. The VFR was excellent on the highway/freeway however the triple is zippy and fun in town.

    I fitted a pair of Danmotos and they're DEAFENING loud.

  2. Nice ride! Out of interest why didn't you go with Arrow pipes?
  3. Because I'm a poor student....:cry:
  4. Fair call, enjoy the ride.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Work at it, you'll get better...like the bike but, enjoy.
  7. congrats on the new toy!!
  8. What's going on with the welding where the rear sub frame meets the main chassis in the second pic, just above the fluid resovior? Has it been rewelded by a blind chimp or is it a trick of the light?
  9. nice bike enjoy
  10. I see what you mean............

    Farken hope its a trick of the light - otherwise this is as shoddy cut and shut as they come.............
  11. Looks like there's something wrapped around the frame. (helmet lock or clip maybe).

    (BTW, just raced out and checked my bike to make sure the weld was ok)

  12. CORRECT!

    It's a helmet lock since this Brits decided not to fit a helmet hook under the seat
  13. Pheeew :D

    Glad to hear that........nice looking bike mate.....enjoy
  14. Yay, what do I win.

    Remember, they had to fit the toolkit in. Oh no, wait a minute. They didn't put that in either......

  15. Nice one dude and the pipes look great
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  16. Nice bike, well wear