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yay, an iTunes killer....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by fishyben, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. If you like your music and don't fancy paying $1.69 per track from iTunes
    go to http://www.allofmp3.com/ and pay $2 - $3 for the whole CD.

    And before all the sceptics start, yes it is legit, google it and you will find
    nothing but praise from some of the biggest net-names like 'the register'
    'cnet' ect...
  2. Umm, Just giving it a whirl now. I'll let you know how it goes.

  3. limewire
  4. there is another site where i get music for free from. just make sure your firewalls and virus software is up to date as it a shared website. Its called Limewire. just do a search in google and then you download and install the program, then away you go.. :grin:
  5. argh, beat me by a minute.. :LOL:
  6. Well it has cost me $2USD and I'm downloading the new Placebo - Meds album 320kbps MP3.

    Hopefully it sounds ok.

  7. Ive been using this for well over a year now.. its totally fine
  8. Just downloaded the whole album. Very happy. Will certainly be reccommending it to clients as an alternative to P2P Programs. A hell of a lot safer.

  9. Limewire - bittorrent - soul seek, i'v used them all over the years, downloaded 1000+ cd but i dont mind paying $2-$3 for 320kbps quality downloads. I had my share of free sh1t.
  10. Ive been using allofmp3 for around 12months now and ive never had a problem..
  11. nope... buy a new 200gb hd fit it and go leeching at a lan party... you will have that pupy full of crap in no tiime flat...