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Yass - Wee Jasper - Tumut road conditions

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Chillertek, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. As mentioned in the title I am looking at riding this road soon with some friends. Does anyone know the road conditions of this road?

    I know it has some dirt sections. I'd like to know how much dirt as we are riding sports bikes R1's, 998 and a DL. I'm pretty open to do some dirt as we do the Bonang at least once a year with its 20kms of dirt. If it has 30 or 40 kms of dirt that maybe a different story though.

    Is there anywhere to stay in Wee Jasper or would it be better to push on into Tumut?

    Appreciate anyone who has done this road please comment.
  2. Between Yass and Wee Jasper it's all sealed, the dirt comes after Wee Jasper. It's not a bad ride, but limited road makings, narrowish country road, uneven bumpy road in places (including on corners), road debris (shit falling off all the trees around the road) means it's an interesting ride which you have to concentrate on. Be careful of cars on your side of the road (and trucks) but every time I've ridden it there's been hardly any traffic. There's nothing at Wee Jasper. I haven't ridden past to Tumut so don't know what that section is like. The Canberra Riders forum would be a better place to ask.
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  3. Thanks Drewbytes, thats exactly the type of road I'm looking for, it sounds great already.
  4. Haven't done it in years Chillertek so I can offer you current knowledge. It was rough dirt last time I did it but I was on the VFR and it was OK. Rougher than the Bonang.

    I would suggest ringing the Yass Shire Council to see what they say about current condition.
  5. Gday mate. Im working at Gundagai shire council and our road safety officer is also the officer for Tumut. I'll run this by him but I dont get back 'til Wednesday. I'll let you know what he says.
  6. Thanks guys, we are looking at going up that way in may, so any info will come in handy.
  7. The dirt road over the range after wee Jasper is the worst dirt road I've ever encountered. It gets smooth after a few km though.
    I'd do it again.
  8. better to go from canberra up to the wee jasper town then chuck a uey, way less dirt going that way, from tumut over to yass is a solid 45k of dirt.
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    OK, sorry about the late reply. Probably won't help you now but might help someone else later.

    Spoke with our RSO and he said its pretty much as everyone else has said. Then today I had to do a road inspection up that way and took this photo from the Tumut end of Wee Jasper road. Looking like a fair bit of unsealed section :devil:

  10. Thanks for the reply Kilo86.
    The road into Wee Jasper is pretty awesome and it is sealed all the way.
    We went down there last weekend and stayed at the tavern at Wee Jasper. There are only two cabins at the pub but plenty of camping. The lady running the place is a little eccentric though. Man she wouldn't shut up. I guess she was just a lonely friendly country person.
    If only this section was sealed to Tumut and this would be a fantastic route to the Snowys.