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Yarra Valley winery tour

Discussion in 'VIC' started by firefling, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Since this got deleted from the corruption in the tables, here is the announcement again.

    Proposing a winery tour around Yarra Valley to visit smaller wineries.

    Date: Sun 16 Jan 2004
    Time: 9:30AM leaving at 10AM
    Meeting Point: Maccas cnr Springvale Rd and Maroondah Hwy

    Wineries to visit:
    Lirralirra Estate
    Yering Farm
    Steels Creek Estate
    Roundstone (have lunch here)
    Panton Hill
  2. Count me in as support vehicle to carry the many bottles back to melbourne :|
  3. Just putting this thread back on top so people don't forget. I also forgot who said they'll attend.
  4. Ya know, right about now I wish I'd taken some time off work over the xmas/NYE period :cry:
  5. Hey Minna,
    Was just wondering how many km's/time this is gonna be? Ta :)
  6. Not too sure about time or total distance but it's not too long. I'm going to map out the route on Saturday and check the distance and time from the first one.

    There will be some toing and froing after Yarra Glen, but the planned route is Lilydale -> Yarra Glen -> Dixons Creek -> Steels Creek - Christmas Hills -> Watsons Creek -> Panton Hill -> St Andrews -> Cottles Bridge then home.

    I'll tell you more on Saturday. It's pretty flexible though, if we run out of time, we'll just cut back the winery we visit and start doing more of the twisties :D
  7. I think I originally said I'd go, but I can't make it now. :(
  8. Can't go :cry: working my backside off at the moment. Maybe next time!

    :D :D :D
  9. UNfortunately I forgot about this and have gone an made other plans. Damn it!!! Sorry Minna, have a drink for me.

    I remember seeing a winery on the Grand Ridge road, combine the tasting with some decent twisties?
  10. Is there any definites going on this? If not, I'll cancel this for another date when people have their bikes or legs or fingers :D
  11. If The bars are all fixed up on the bike then i'll be there
  12. Minna, I reckon postpone it. With the forums falling over and the silly season apon us, people have made other plans not remembering the Winery Tour. What about when the kids have gone back to school and life comes back to some normality
  13. No worries, the winery thing will be postponed. Sorry folks if you wanted to go. Looks like crappy weather on Sunday anyway.
  14. Yeah sorry firefling, haven't got a bike atm.

    Definitely be in next time
  15. Woohoo!!..this means l can come on the next trip, l was dissapointed that l couldnt go.
    Will keep my eye out for the next plan of attack.