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Yarra Scenic Drive (Yarra Boulevard and The Boulevard)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by matt232, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. The Yarra Scenic drive starts at Science Works and then heads into the city, along the Yarra out of the city towards Hawthorn and then out to Ivanhoe East then further out to Warrandyte where it ends.

    The same route includes two fun bits of road Yarra Boulevard ( map 1, map 2, map 3 ) and The Boulevard (map 1, map 2 ) which are very handy for working on your cornering without trekking out of cooee of the city. They also have minimal traffic so there is less pressure but unmarked police and some marked cars patrol along it occasionally.

    Unfortunately The Boulevard snakes its way through a residential area so break neck speeds and reckless riding is not a good idea and the Yarra Boulevard has quite a rough surface in spots, which to me only adds the the challenge and amounts to good preparation for cornering on nicer or unknown roads.

    Yarra Scenic drive is also well sign posted so its not hard to follow all the brown shields with 2 in them (Being Scenic drive #2. If anyone knows where scenic drive #1 is please let me know. ) on the green signs indicating each of the turns to take. It is also clearly marked in the Melways (just pull out your Melways and have a look, you should get the idea).

  2. Riding along the Kew section, one could be forgiven for imagining being in the country. Its so beautiful and quite the twisty road. :) :) :)
    Such a shame about those speed limits. :(
  3. Must admit that I've been round here in the car but yet to go on a bike. Nice roads and views. Pain in the bum around Chapel Street though.
  4. great road that... shame about the 50/60 limits, because for most of the road there is just bush either side, no driveways. Probably the best inner-city riding road, I used to use it every few days to make the trip home a bit more interesting than hoddle st/eastern - worth the extra 5 minutes.
  5. Good post Matt, definitely the best bit of inner city road.
  6. yeah going through studley park is pretty fun, just got to watch out for the 2nd last big right hander it goes in nice and then cuts off pretty sharp. Caught me out the first time through there.

    Definately not worth going on the weekend unless its early in the day or late in the afternoon. Gets busy. Best time is during the week day, I work on burwood road and when its a nice day i take the bike out during lunch and i can squeeze in 3 passes before my hour is finished.

    Some of the road is really quite ummm shit house. Careful wheere the resdential homes are theres a big bump which will get your nuts if you hug the corner ( which you probably will because there is a cement devider thing in the middle)
  7. Still OK, but long past its glory days, I'm afraid.
    The cycling fraternity has claimed it, too, and the concrete strip at the northern end, designed to keep cars out of THEIR lane, is ideal for flipping a MC if you get too wide. Beware meandering tourists, joggers, wildlife, ricers and decreasing radius turns!
  8. Did this today,
    Nice little cruisy ride from warrandyte to the city, the part from chandler hwy to the city is nice with sweeping corners but the roads are in pretty poor condition and the speed limits are low the whole way :( .
    Now that i know where it is i might start taking it to the city more often for a but of a change from the eastern :wink:
  9. "The Boulevard"..great memories.I used to fang around there in the early 80's,on the my 650 and later 1100 kat, it was still a 60 zone back then..I dont remember anyone doing that back then, I was overtaken but a bike cop mid corner once. A great way to waste and hour or so,back and forth.
  10. +1 for Yarra Boulevard on weekdays. I also think the white lines on the road make it a decent stretch for noob riders who are getting used to the idea of looking ahead through corners. They tend to stand out clearly in ones peripheral vision and are therefore useful if you're trying to get confidence up with looking well ahead while maintaining your chosen line through corners. Useful for getting into good habits.

    With regard to 'bad' habits, the 50kmh speed limit does feel impossibly slow, and for those as yet unacquainted with this stretch of road, you will find yourself tending to push up through 60+ without thinking. If you happen to take your eye off the speedo, do be careful to keep an eye out for the fuzz. Last two times I was out along this road the police were there too. On the Tuesday just gone, I rode past some poor sod who was in the company of not one, but two motorcycle cops, who seemed to be using the occasion to mount a thorough inspection of the said bloke's bike. (Wonder if it made a slow day go any faster?) Either way, it was a relief to see them preoccupied, so do be aware...
  11. Another warning for riders to watch out for cops on Yarra Boulevard. I ride around it nearly daily as I live around the corner, and the police do show up whenever the weather looks optimistic for motorcyclists.
  12. Anyone able to post this route on google maps? Makes it a bit easier to see where this all is.
  13. Have a look at this.
    I tried to put all those points into g.maps, but you can only put 25 or so points in. When I can be bothered, I'll map it out <25 points
  14. I do this quite regularly living near the city. Haven't seen any cops about for quite a while actually.

    Couple of things that catch me out. Some of the surface changes mean I am not happy to commit to some corners too much and some of the surface can be a bit bumpy. Good fun and probably quite good practice given that.

    Also a couple of the corners have a raised ridge it seems going down the middle of the road through the corner. Couple of right handers I would like to go wider, bit it would mean turning in across the ridge which I am not overly confident doing.
  15. nice write up. i live near there and until reciently was regularly going for rides along this road. they did a bit of resurfacing in a few places which they could have done a better job of (ie getting rid of some of the bumps) but still quite an enjoyable ride, can't wait to get back on a bike and into these corners again
  16. I did Yarra Boulevard early Saturday last weekend. As a noob I found it too be good cornering practice. A couple of lumps and bumps to watch for nothing too bad or on tight corners. Also watch out for cyclists if your on the inside lane on some downhill corners as they can come out quite wide.
  17. Beware, they are getting significantly worse.
  18. I regularly ride this road as I don't get much chance to get further out to the REALLY good roads. It's fun but as previously mentioned I can easily hit 60-70 along here without even thinking, such a shame as it would be quite a challenging area if you were flying - some of those turns are nasty with their decreasing radius!

    Just have to be careful of the lycra heroes, they have claimed the area and love nothing more than turning to give you a nasty 'what-are-you-doing-on-MY-road' look.

    This is the google maps link for the section around hawthorn/eastern fwy.
    I usually enter from Walmer st and continue through to where it hits the chandler hwy. There's plenty of space at both ends to pull a u-turn and go back through!

    If you want to do a little more on it, add the section around the monash;
    Be warned though, as you go past Melb Girls you get the usual numpty's picking up kids and not paying attention to the road so look out.

  19. Seeing the gorgeous weather today, I decided to do the above sections around lunchtime. Breaks up the working day brilliantly!

    Did a couple of laps and loved the twisties. My commute to work is a series of straight lines so this was the first time i got some leaning practice.

    Being a newbie the 50km/hr limit suited me fine on the first lap. However found it a little less exciting on the second and thought at that speed the bike didn't even have to lean that much on those long sweeping bends.

    Tried very hard to keep the speed around 50km but found i kept creeping above that as I'm not used to dealing with hills.

    All in all, a heap of fun and will do it again on the next sunny Melbourne winter day.

    Please note, on the Monash section the speed is currently down to 40km due to some road works.
  20. Surface is crap now due to the terrible resurfacing. Can't help thinking they did a bad job to put off motorcyclists.