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Yarra Ranges Ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Mr Bungle, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. I had a whole Saturday free, my Aunty has a house in Buxton and had heard mixed reports whether it survived the fires, so I thought I would head up and to check it out.

    So my plan was Ferntree Gully > Healsvile > Black Spur > Buxton > Marysville > Cambraville > Reefton > Warburton > Monbulk > Home.

    This would actually be my longest ride (time wise) taking about 4 hours.

    Once I was a couple of km past Healesville, you could see the devistation the fires caused. Amazing to see how open things are when there is no under growth or trees full of life. Also the amount of re growth took my by suprise too - lots of green making its way back.

    After an hour or so I made it through the Black Spur to Buxton to be greeted with my Aunties house still standing! Burnt trees and fences surrounded the property with a house opposite not so lucky.

    Next stop was to go through Marysville to Cambraville. Felt a little uneasy going through Marysville but as I had spent a lot of holidays in the area over the past 20 years I wanted to see how things were. Lots of people supporting the bakery/cafe there which was good to see. I usually stop there, but it was busy enough so kept on going.

    Heading past Lake Mountain the road started to get a little more dirty with leaves, twigs, stones etc making the riding a little more interesting. I cant believe I hadn't ridden this road yet - with all the twisty roads, I had a smile all the way to Warburton!

    Roads were very quiet which was great - felt I had the roads all to myself! Had a well earned rest in Warburton for a quick bite to eat then headed home.

    Will definately do this ride again and even alter it to go through Cambraville > Jamieson > Licola > Heyfield which should double the distance.

    Edit - Couple of pics





  2. Some nice shots there mate, Its nice to ride up there on a quiet day.... just you and and empty road.
  3. Nice way to spend the arvo.
    Great pics.....even with the devastation the area still looks lovely.

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  5. has been for a while now