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VIC Yarra Ranges Blitz

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mike89, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Just a heads-up :http://www.vicpolicenews.com.au/more-news/10890-yarra-ranges-roads-blitz.html

    "From 16 November through to 9 January, police will have a commanding presence across the state’s roads as part of the Summer Stay campaign, which aims to reduce road trauma throughout the high-risk summer period."

    Same old story, take it easy out there
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  2. Fukkers
  3. Damn, we were planning a few rides into the Vic High Country over the summer. Think I might stay clear, or at least stay TEC.
  4. Bah. Not going to stop me from riding. Just means I might have to stop for more unplanned friendly chats. Damn police blitzes making me pull over and be social when I'm trying to have me-time.
  5. It looks like they are lowering the limit on the Melba Highway (forest section) to 80 to help drum up a bit of extra business, saw the first of the 80 with yellow "New Limit" signs go up on the weekend :-(
  6. Instead of lowering the speed limit all they have do do ( if they were honest about reducing the toll ) is permanently park booze buses outside the bloody wineries..
  7. Would you please at least try to not use swear words?
  8. Why? It gets my point across in a succinct and eloquent manner. We are in ma15+ territory now :eek:
    It's also how I speak.
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  9. and fukkers isnt' even a word.

    Now if he'd called them cunts, then I could understand your indignation.
  10. I had to LOL just then. As I'm reading this, my assistant manager says 'oh you fcukers' and about 3 more F bombs.
  11. If they are reducing the Melba’s speed limit then it just adds to the argument that Baillieu is soft and has no control over the bureaucracy. They must be laughing at him.

    Keep punishing the 99.9% of law abiding road users and voters.
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  12. (y) a big heads up to thieves, rapists, pedos, vandals, lebs, crooks and crims in the yarra valley region.
    no cops left to bother, in for a great christmas season, go nuts
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  13. Tassies looking good.
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  14. Someone put these up on Facespacebook today.


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  15. Rode southwest back through Black Spur today after a weekend jaunt up through the Great Alpine Road. Sure enough, there were coppers waiting at both ends of it and the boys in camo up in the hills with their lasers and video cameras.

    I have an eye for guys in Camo (I dunno, probably from my army days) and spotted them straight up. Gave them a wave. They must have busted somebody behind me because when I passed the HWP boys at the other end they were already standing in the rode trying to single someone out.
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  16. C u nts
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  17. looks familiar