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Yarra City Motorcycle Services [VIC]

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by rowdyZZR, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Has anyone had any experience with Yarra City Motorcycle Services in Abbotsford, Victoria? My ZZR250 is limping along and is in desperate need of a service, and those guys are about the only place I can get the bike to. (I'm no expert, but I think I've lost a cylinder or two - the bike has twice lost power slowly then stalled completely after riding for about 20 minutes. Any ideas?)


  2. Hey Rowdy,
    No experience with those guys up maybe go and check out Everything2wheels, 345 St. Georges Rd, North Fitzroy if you can limp your bike to Abbotsford its not that further to there. Advert will be flashing above the banner.
    Hope you get it fixed.
  3. G'day Rowdy,

    Make sure the bike is idling at around 1250 rpm when the choke is off and the engine is warmed up (i.e. at least ten minutes into your ride). The idle adjust knob is on the left-side of the bike, pic here. Any lower than 1000 rpm and it will probably stall at the lights, any higher than say 1750 rpm and it will overheat at the lights.

    Make sure nothing is clogging the two circular air intakes which are positioned under the seat, in front of the battery. Make sure you have enough fuel - use standard unleaded (91 RON), the additives in premium can gradually clog the carbs (according to my mechanic).

    Also, the bike only has two cylinders, so if you lose more than one, you won't be going anywhere! :p Good luck. And whatever you do, don't take it to Peter Stevens!! I agree with Gilesy - Pete the Pom at Everything Two Wheels will sort it out for you.