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yarra boulevard - 250 street race track?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by abvc, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. did the road today. man the road is hot :grin: with the occasional bicycler which made you think your relatively fast, the corners themselves are xcellent. wide well mannered, couple of 8 figures. awesome :LOL: also v. close to cbd. only 1 downside, the road is too short :grin:

  2. Another bad point is that there are some major bumps, uneven road surface around some corners. Purposly made to slow down motorcyclists.
  3. That combined with the 50kph speed limit and cops everywhere. :)
  4. the road is not smooth, but i think it also gives a good tyre grip. the unevenness are curved based on the corner imo. so can't complain either..
  5. damn... lucky there was no cop. saw a ferrari that did couple of laps
  6. I HATE that road, well the condition of it.

    It would be fantastic without all the bumps and dips in it. Cruising around it at 50k's isn't bad i guess, but i wouldn't want to push it on that road thats for sure.

    A few Porsche's have been written off on that road from people taking them for test drives around there. Hit a bump half way around a corner, front gets light, under steer right off the road. :?

    If you must ride it and ride it quick my advice would be to ride it 100 times and get to know where every little bump and dip is because it WILL catch you out eventually!

  7. Used to be awesome... many a 250 has crashed there (including my GSX250 stuffed up the inside of an RG500 at the famous "Wogs' Corner"


    Over the years the road got worse and worse though - deliberately I think to slow people down.

    A guy I used to work with had a major major stack on the big hairpin just south of the freeway overpass bridge and was lucky to survive. (XJ900 not a 250 though).

    Anywhere you get a lot of oncoming traffic it's not your own personal race track.... remember at your peril.
  8. It's a good road to learn on compared to intersections etc...
    so long as you take it easy.

    Surface is a little rough bit of bumps here and there will catch you out and hurt your nuts if you hit 'em