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Yarra Blvd

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Wypuk, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Last firday i found out about the yarra boulevard and SH#T it was amazing so we went back the next day and its great
    first time ive been on the really twisty stuff and i loved it, i havent been riding for long but i really got alot ot of it

    then i found out that its a friggin dangerous spot and theres shitloads of cops there but meh its still been the best ride on my bike yet and i even managed to scrape my boot once which made me almost feel confident enough to try scraping a peg or two

    so yeah thats bout it i loved it and i wanna go there again :D:D
    peace out

  2. Sadly, you've discovered it about 15 years too late. A shadow of its former self.

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  4. ah yes that place is really fun for a quick twisty squirt-- but it is a magnet for police officers--- its a 50km.hr zone so be careful.

    and if ya get caught-- heres a tip-- dont stop RIDE AWAY fast !!!!!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. ... so what's that rule for caluclating corner speed?

    Noob = posted speed x 1.5
    Rider = posted speed x 2.
    Twisty Junkie = posted speed x 2 + 30km/h.

    So that would make the Yarra Bouley average corner speed...

    Noob = 75km/h
    Rider = 100km/h
    Twisty Junkie = 130km/h

    :grin: :twisted: :LOL:

    As BanditR1 said... enjoy it, but watch out for the boys in blue. I generally scope a few corners in advance, and keep an eye out for the cops sitting on the bridge over the Eastern.
  6. The road surface is pretty dodgy on some of the corners though, very bumpy on my bike which has fairly stiff suspension.

  7. Anyone who goes by that and not their own judgement is a noob imo :p
    I came across the road once and I had heard about it, doesnt last for long and like someone else said there are only 3 fun corners, back to back.
  8. If this is the same place im thinking about...off hoddle st in abbottsford. I almost crashed big time last week.

    I went up to the end of the street where the stop sign was and did a U-turn. On my way back going about 60 or 70 no more i lean into a right hander straight into a dip, which sent me and the bike towards a parked car.

    That was the closest i've been to coming off badly and i was only doing 70k's at most.
  9. Twas a joke! :p :grin:

    Yeah, that sounds like the Bouley. That would be the first right hand sweeper from the Ikea end of the second half; it starts off nicely then gets a little bumpy before it tucks back in slightly as it goes up the hill.

    My least favourite bit is 10th corner i think if your coming from the Johnston St entrance and turn left through those first 5 nice corners; it's a left hander (just next to where they were building that house on the left) and it's got a damn big dip in it mid corner and always ends up with me with my ass almost off the seat.
  10. The surface on some parts of the blvd is absolutely shithouse, it's a nice leisurely ride but nothing more than that. (BTW: Have you taken the yarra senic route??-Warrandyte to the blvd)
  11. Correction, Warrundyte to ScienceWorks
  12. I tried to find the way from the blvd to scienceworks but there were no real directions at the end of the blvd (I was looking for that brown "#2" shield which indicates the scenic drive)
  13. I actually got cleaned up on Yarra Boulevard about 6 years ago. A bike hit me. I was on the last right hand corner (where the ice cream truck used to stop) before the road goes down to Chandler Hwy. I was parked with about 15 other bikes and my hubby and I were just about to leave. He was on the back thank god, cause his weight stopped my bike from cartwheeling down the hill . I hadnt even turned the ignition on when I heard the RGV before I saw it. He lost it, hit me , causing me to snap my right peg off with my shin and his bike hit my hubby in the back as it flew. It hit a TRX and bent the forks, I reckon it was written off. This tool ended up in an ambulance with back injuries. His thug mates took his bike and hid it before the cops came and then came and threatened me and the TRX rider to not say anyhting to the cops.Of course we ignored him. But he was def doing the standover man type of thing. Till he saw my husband . Just before this happened , a young couple were sitting down on the gutter with their dogs having ice cream.I believe if they hadnt left when they did, he would have killed them. That bike was a missile. Anyone who uses that road as a racetrack needs a foot up their arse.
  14. Yeah the boulie used to be fun. I have a couple of good boulie stories.

    Its also the road on which I came closest to a fatal on a bike. Near head on with a pillion with an out of control pursuit car. After I got my breath back I went after the @#$@. Didnt catch him luckily or I would probably still be in jail. If you are out there mate you are a @#$$@ with the driving skills of a vietnamese refugee with a WRX.

    Sadly its stuffed now Its still fun on a pushbike tho. And pushbike speeds are about right for it these days. (I still cannot believe the speeds we used to do)

  15. I went over the handlebars there at about 120kph.
  16. Note to self: 120kph too fast on the bouli.

    A few of us wandered down there tonight after coffee. Fairly uneventful except for the Posche driving local who came out grinning and threw down the gauntlet for a race sometime... :grin:
  17. Would be curious to know what is considered fast for the entry/exit speeds on the 35k corners (I think there are about three good ones ... one with a serious decreasing radius at the end)
  18. i lost a mate there a few years ago. and he'd had twice the riding experience i have now. must've pushed himself too hard.
  19. Don't worry about that stuff mate, ride @ your own pace, forget the speedo and ride to what you can see.