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YAOFNP (Yet Another Old Fart Newbie Post)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Iffracem, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. G'day all

    Thought I might introduce myself....
    I'm 44, last time I rode was 20+ years ago, now I've got my learners again, (let my license lapse, so now it's starting from scratch again)

    Got myself an Across (yeah, I know, place all suzuki/across/250 jokes in the bin outside the door :roll: )

    So now I'm commuting 26k's each way to work. For any Taswegians here I live in Snug, work in Hobart, so I get to drive on country roads, divided dual lane roads, and city traffic every trip. What used to cost $95 a fortnight in bus fares is now a lot less... and I get free secure undercover parking @ work.

    And it's a lot more FUN!


  2. Hi Iffracem,

    Welcome to the Across Forum! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :shock:

    Oops...sorry, thought I was on another site..... :roll:

    So....to the most pertinent question.....teal green or candy apple red?



  3. sorry, not red, nor teal, but black..... very black 8), with a blue "Z" stripe on the sides.

  4. :( Why cant mine be black???

    Welcome back to the world of bikes. Even more so, welcome to the joys of the Across (oh and free undercover secure parking :D )

    '91 Across (unfortunately candy apple red)
  5. PLEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZ, whatever you do....don't start the teal green vs candy apply red argument again....... ](*,)


  6. There is also a good yahoo egroup. (check out www.yahoogroups.com.au, search for SuzukiAcross)
    A few of the netriders are in there (eg, Flymo, MartyH, Hitman, Glen, Flipper just to name a few) and there is some great info and chat there as well. In fact i believe that Ree may be one of the mods.

    It was some of the members of this egroup that started the current friday night coffee at southbank as a regular time and place gig.

    Hope to see you on there.

    '91 Across
  7. Yes, you are correct Em, I am a moderator on there.....actually, I'm the only active moderator on there at the moment....the other guy (who we won't mention to protect the innocent??....isn't that right Mick G? :LOL: ) is not actively moderating.....his most recent comment to me...."Nobody would know who I was on there anymore". :LOL:

    ....and.....I rule with an iron fist! [-X Well, actually, just with a leather glove....heh heh :LOL: :roll:
  8. :shock:

    Ree your frightening me (memories of episodes of Prisoner with the Freak)


  9. Relax....I never watched Prisoner..... :roll:

    Oh, the only reason I have to rule like that is because I have to slap your boyfriend Hitman (Matt) around occasionally....he sometimes gets out of line! :LOL:
  10. hi Iffracem..

    my dad has just got back on a bike after 20yrs also,
    the crazy old bloke jumped straight on a bandit 1200
    he's only complant so far (apart from his old age aches :) )
    is roundabouts, aparently they didnt have so many back
    then so he had to learn how to take them lol..

    good luck and happy riding
    bladegirl :biker:
  11. Across'! Man if it weren't for Flipper i recon the admins would put a filter in to prevent people typing that word. Still I suppose they are keeping Susucki in business.
  12. Hehe.. it might be cos he's defected to the dark side of Kawasaki, Ree?? :LOL: :shock:

    Welcome Iffracem.. keep it rubber side down :)
  13. Hmmm, yes, I know....maybe since he doesn't ride/own? the Across anymore....his posting privileges to the Across forum should be revoked? :LOL:

    Oh....but his vast knowledge of the Across is invaluable.....and besides, he currently has something of mine....that very elusive complete Across tool kit! :LOL:
  14. oooooo.. now I feel old :moped:
    I think I'll go and have a glass of warm milk and go to bed......


    Thanx for the welcome

  15. Oops....sorry, thought you were referring to Matt (Hitman)....maybe I should read the post more than once before responding!
  16. Can safely say, that Across tool kit is not in Matt's hands. Its in the boot of my bike, ready to return to you Ree, when i next see you.
    Matt isnt getting his hands on that one. :)

  17. Love you Em! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thanks! \:D/

    Thought he would have auctioned it on Ebay by now! :facepalm: :LOL:
  18. Just signed, I'll check it out later.

  19. Hi Iffracem. Another 44 yo Across rider here!

    (Hey Fire Eagle - what can I offer you for that Flymo toolkit?)