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Yankee Lid

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by IDamageINCx, May 11, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I did try the search bar with no luck to find out about overseas products. Being a cheap ass I have bought most of my riding gear from overseas on the cheap.

    So my question is: is it legal to wear a helmet bought from the U.S of A in Australia?

    Someone told me it needs an Australian Standards sticker on it to be legal here so I thought id ask the peeps on here =D>

    please no flaming for being a cheap ass
  2. No, using a non-AS Stickered helmet is illegal in Australia. Next question, even though it may be the same helmet if it does not have the sticker then you have no legal comeback and you may make some insurances invalid.

    Cheers Spocky
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  3. no-one's going to flame you for being cheap, but you are putting yourself at some risk, as noted succinctly above.....
  4. Spocky and Hornet are both correct

    what is your budget for a helmet - there are many good ones available in Australia at all price points

    In fact I know of some nice carbon fiber ones that are AS approved and less than $500 at the moment
  5. Thanks guys

    I know you have your own helmets Takamii and they definatly look good. Do you have some kind of catalogue/website where I can check a few different looking ones out?
  6. DAMAGE! Shit dude, I'd tear you a new one for just asking if you weren't a personal friend...!
    I'll vouch for the sub-$500 carbon jobs too, but if that's too much under the current circumstances, you can get a shitty "temporary" one for around $200 if you look around; that's probably as low as I'd go though...
  7. Haha well I did say I searched first.... I couldn't be ****ed reading through a bunch of gov webcrap so just thought Id ask here knowing someone could set me straight.

    Its just there so cheap overseas an I wanna try a lid with bluetooth built-in 8-[
  8. needs to have a sticker stating meets AS standards.
    theres maybe 4 or 5 different designs of AS stickers.
    they are not hard to find.
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  10. Yeah it's crap, same helmet here for 800 you can get for 400 overseas, it's complete arse. I found the best prices at helmetwharehouse, au.based, all i can say is try on helmets before you buy. A helmet might be the best available in the world, but if it dIdn't fit your noggon, it's no good.