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Yanaha SR400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by echoball, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. just wanted to know, has anybody got one, ridden one?

    A shop in sydney has been selling grey imports, pretty pricey though.

    you could make a great little cafe racer out of one!
  2. Yes they do make a nice cafe racer, that's the reason why they bring them in.
    (see here http://www.deus.com.au/)

    Price isn't too excessive if they are in fact new bikes, price in Japan is about 5.5K which is about the same as a Honda VTR.
    Don't know why Yamaha don't import them themselves though. They'd be LAMS legal and the price should come down a little (to whatever the VTR sells for). Certainly has a lot more style than a GS500 and should be a lot cheaper than the CB400 Honda's planning on replacing the VTR with.
  3. Price would be okay if they're new, but I gather most (all?) are low mileage jap used bikes.

    On page 175 of this month (march) issue of Motorcycle trader, there is a company called Eureka Trading Co. advertising 5 SR400 imports, under 15'000km's, some partially cafe modified, $3'700. Worth the trip to Qld.
  4. Quarter Wit has one and he's cafe raced it - I've ridden it and it's a great bike. I've got a '78 SR500; you can get a *good* one for two to four grande, fit it with new ignition system, carbie etc, and would still be far cheaper than Deus and more fun, and there are good suppliers for after-market parts, both for the mechancal side of the bike, and also for the bling side of the bike.

    Simply, they're a great bike, heaps of fun, very simple to learn to work on and lots of personality. Mine serves as my only transport and is very relaible; i put about 1000km a month on it. The 400 is more revvy and racey, the old 500 has a heavier fly-wheel and longer stroke and is a bit fatter and slower in thump (both have the same bore, so you can turn the 400 into a 500 simply by fitting a new piston - all depends on your taste: cafe racer? vintage? bobber?).

    Check out
    parts : http://www.vanem.com.au/ also check out the parts listing at Deus.
    forum http://sr500forum.proboards38.com/

    The cafe racer is one of the most popular incarnations, but check out some other possible here http://www.daytona.co.jp/mc/single/DTX/dtx_SR.html

    Judging by your pic you ride the recent SR250? I rode an SR185 for a while and loved it, and that was what got me on to the 500. I highly recommend this bike! (Are you in Fitzroy Melbourne? - I sometimes see a late SR250 getting around here....)

  5. Great, great little bike.

    I've had one for a while now and it's a great little bike. Mattb's dead on. If I had my time again, I'd go an old 500 rather than the 400. I didn't realise most problems were so easy to fix. There's a great support network of Aussies on the SR500 forum, so if you ever have any problems you'd never be stuck.

    They're also very easy to work on yourself. My cost of servicing is now nothing at all.

    It's sans wheels at the moment, but when it's back together you can take it for a ride if you like, pm me if you want.