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YammyChicks official welcome to Melbourne! Ouch!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by YammyChick, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Well I guess I can now say I've been officially welcomed to Melbourne! Wet Road, Tram Tracks, Brand new GSXR 750... and bitumen :cry:

    Minor damaged to my poor machine - mainly cosmetic, snapped the left Ozy Knob clean off - actually ripped the bolt out of the thread. Left pick up lug snapped off, cracked the front fairing and ground down the gear box cover. Interesting thing was the bikes kill switch did not activate when it was on the ground. :?:

    My gear worked well, tiny scrape on my helmet, took the minutest amount of color of the Alpinestars logo on the elbow and tore a small hole in my pants.

    As for me, a sore shoulder and my right knee is starting to swell a bit? I must have smacked the bike on the way down. Left hip is a tiny bit sore but other than that, at the moment I feel ok... lets see how the day progresses!!!

    Bugger :? :cry: Bloody Tram tracks.... :?
  2. Thank God for good gear ... and insurance :LOL:

    Glad to hear you're OK :).
  3. On knees with fists raised to sky:


    Dude that SUCKS! :(
  5. damm sorry to hear off your off.... yep those tram tracks are slippery little suckers :cry:
  6. Those damned tram tracks are like a baptism of fire..... :evil:
    Such a shame to hear your new bike was scratched..but thank goodness you're OK! :)
  7. the back of my bike slips out across tracks even in the dry! Sorry to hear about the bike, glad your in one piece!
  8. Bummer, YammyChick. Glad you're more or less OK, hope you don't pull up too sore tomorrow :cry:
  9. Ouchies, not a good way to be introduced to a new area hey. Hope it all turns out ok and I'd get your sore bits checked out if they are sore for a day or more.. Peace of mind thing or maybe given help for things if needed.
  10. Oh Yammy, that's a major bummer :(

    As Undii said, best to get checked out and play it safe. :)

    Not a nice welcome :p
  11. Welcome to melb, tram tracks are a biatch! Turning left into flinders st from the swanston st bridge is a spinchter tightening moment in the rain!

    Glad you are OK, poor bike :cry:
  12. No, no, no!!!

    What a way to welcome yourself back into Melbourne :(

    You're ok which is the best part, the rest can be fixed. Dog cuddles are great to sort the emotional side out (as well as a nice drink of something).
  13. Having been a victim of greasy tram tracks myself I can thoroughly sympathise. Not the best welcome to Melbourne. :cry:

    There is worse :evil: - I've put in a complaint about horse poo and tram tracks around the city. Those bloody horse drawn tourist carriages are real pains in the neck. That combination in the wet has brought down a couple of people at the Swanton/Flinders St intersection. No real damage to date (that I'm aware of) but their feet have slipped out when they've pulled up
  14. Bugger Tina! :( That's no fun at all. :(

    I hope you're not too badly banged up and that you get the new toy put back together quickly. At least you still have the R6 while the Gixxer gets repaired. :)

    Take it easy for the day and see a doc if you get any worse. Tell brendan that the the lift home in the van is just the begining of the many ways he can thank you for letting him use the Yammy all those times. :grin: :LOL:
  15. Crap.

    Crap crap crap crap crap.

    Sorry to hear about the off.

    Sympathies and feel better hugs to you.
  16. ouchie!

    sorry to hear but glad your ok....

    just dont look at the bike till its fuxed :D

    where did ya move from btw?
  17. Hey Tina, we were at the Watershed today and saw the damage to your baby firsthand. That really sux hard. Certainly did grind away a fair bit of metal there. Lucky the R6 is still kicking around. See you soon.
  18. Well... havent looked at my baby since this morning. I'll venture out there later and look,swear and curse! :LOL:

    The body started to ache about and hour afterwards, and eased off after a few choice pain killers.
    My shoulder continued to ache so had it checked out by a doc and he thinks I may have torm a ligament in the vacinity of my rotator cuff.

    Gotta stop into the cop shop later and put in a report so I have been told to do for TAC reasons.

    Thanks for the well wishes folks, muchly appreciated! Now for some more choice pain killers, chuck on some Pink Floyd, sit back and enjoy feeling comfortably numb!! :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Well the bike can be replaced or fixed. Main thing is you are here to tell us about it you silly nuffa.. :p Hope you are doing ok, and make sure you get to cop shop to file the report.. Look after that shoulder muscles.. :grin:
  20. Guess no climbing for a while then :oops: