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Yammy 250 = park bench

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. While walking into work in Carlton this morning I came across a Yammy 250 with a nice shiny blue paint job which looked like someone took a fair bit of care of it. On top of this bike is a aged (choice of word is intended) woman sitting on it like a park bench with her feet up on the pegs. Shall we say that she didn't look to have too much money on her and doubtlessly wouldn't have taken responsibility if the bike had fallen over.

    I was reasonably sure that it she didn't own the bike but but asked to make sure and true enough it wasn't her bike.

    So I asked her to get of it and and explained that as motorcyclist I knew that no-one likes someone sitting on their bike without permission. She refused to budge so I changed tactic and told her to get off it. After repeating myself a bit she eventually got off but decided the next best thing was to lean against the bike away from the side stand which shifted the bikes weight dangerously. At which point I might have got a little annoyed and gruffly and repeatedly told her to not touch the bike. I guess she was a little threatened and stopped touching it after telling me not to hit her (a few screws loose I would imagine) which it told her wasn't going to happen. A few underbreath insults ensued while I crossed the road and walked into the office.

    She was still hanging around the block about 2 hours later when I went and got lunch. But thankfully not messing with anyone's bike.

    While I definitely her a scare, I would imagine it would have been a much more unpleasant situation than had I been replaced with the owner of the bike or the bike may have ended up on its side or toppled into the car parked beside it.

    What gets me is that she had no concept that what she was doing might have been something wrong, and definitely resented my involvement when it wasn't my bike even to the point where she though it wasn't a problem because I wasn't the owner.
  2. ...or had some distant memory that...

  3. Good to hear, you did the right thing not that I condone violence against women but maybe she needed one black eye so she wouldn't need to be told again :LOL:
    I just hope if someone like her were doing that to my bike someone like you would come and put them straight regardless of gender.
    Good to see riders looking out for other riders :applause: :beer:
  4. Good on ya mate, next time, bring a tazzer with you, should get some stuburn people moving quite fast.
  5. do you not see the irony here ?
  6. I put that in there just for you Loz
  7. Ouch. Hook, line and sinker.
  8. And copy of Angling Times
  9. Good on ya mate - having had my bike moved and dropped while not around, I would've done the same thing.
  10. We have a couple of HLPWDAAA (HomeLess Person With Disability And Alcohol Additction) camping at our public libary. I've got to go over there every day a "move them on". I contacted Mental Health but they just didn't want to know. It's sad that our society cant deal with it and no, they don't have any clue as to what they are doing. They have an unusual view on life.
  11. Interference with a motor vehicle is an offence. Sitting on the motorcycle is interference. Put the local plod number in your phone. Ask nicely to move once. You should not have to ask again.
    My phone doesn't have a camera...but could be worth while taking the snap before approaching them.
  12. if they did it would be 3-4 hours later
  13. Hahah.

    It took the police 3 weeks to get my statement from me after my accident.
  14. took them just under a year to book me for an accident
  15. i wonder how she'd feel about you sitting on her bag/coat/lap while you had your lunch?

    way to go mat - boldly going forth and standing up for rider rights wherever they require fighting for (bike or no bike). what superhero costume do you wear for these feats? :wink: :p
  16. The Carlton Police station was on the other side of the road to this bike easily within 50 metres.
  17. Ring the local police office and complain that there is a drug addict out the front of your building and you're afraid to leave. Also mention terms like vagrancy or that they look like they're casing the place.
    You'll be surprised how quickly they'll turn up ;)
  18. I would have to agree with OM on this one :shock: . Speak of vehicle interference, but don't mention the type of vehicle. I know there are a lot of local councils targetting car thieves, so maybe just mention the side of the road its parked on and the rego.....
  19. For Pete's sake! :shock:

    Yes, persuading the woman to sod off was the right thing to do, particularly given it was someone else's bike. Nice work.

    But whining to the cops because some local character (addled by fate or the vicissitudes of life, who knows?) sat on a motorbike and was a bit narky about leaving is - to put it as politely as I can - just plain friggin' ridiculous.

    Now if you see her sitting on the bike every day for her morning smoko, you might be justified in leaving a note on the bike asking the owner to give you a call to discuss matters. The owner can then decide what they want to do about it, if anything.

    But don't make yourself look like a twat by fronting up to the desk sergeant with this story. He or she will be a grown-up person with actual work to do, and will treat you exactly as you deserve.
  20. good on ya mate, if my bike ever had that happen, i'd be hopeing that someone like yourself was there.... nothing like coming out to see ur bike is on its side :(