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yammie XV250: Regulator/rec and steering bearing problems:

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jc212, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. A few days ago while riding my headlight went out so instinctively I switched to my high beam. I diagnosed the problem as a blown globe and decided i'd replace it myself. But the day after my highbeam also blew out!

    I thought this was pretty out-of-norm so I decided to take it to a mechanic. The mechanic inspected the globes and he said that they were just blown so he replaced them.

    Straight after he replaced them and gave it the 'OK' I took the virago down to work. It was a pretty normal ride, I used all gears and it was just a regular commute. No problems.

    My shift was cut short so i must've left it outside for about 3 hours before I hopped on again. I turned on the ignition and both lights worked fine. But just as I shifted from 1st to 2nd my headlight cut out, and straight away I switched to highbeam, which kind of flickered a bit and then also went out.

    I took it back to the mechanic and he said that he'd have a deeper look at it. Turns out my regulator/rectifier? (not real sure, but converts AC to DC ) is screwed and it must be replaced or else there is a risk of my battery overcharging and the rest of my electrics stuffing up.

    It'll cost be $200 to fix this and another $200 on top to replace my steering bearings (also not real sure about this).

    According to the mechanic, the bearings need replacing is due to the bike displaying symptoms that the bearings are worn, ie when I turn from full left lock to full right lock, there is a little stiffness in the middle, it feels like there is a bump in the motion.

    Now, I need some input from you guys at netrider to see if these problems could be real and the prices reasonable. Also, would you guys have any idea of how these problems could've surfaced in the first place?

    I'm far from being mechanically savvy and $400 would be a huge dent to my wallet! :LOL:

    Sorry for the horridly long post, if you want more info just ask and Ill try my best to answer. :wink:
  2. Hi there, I'm not to sure about the regulator price, but from other posts I've been checking, I think the part is generally over 100 bucks, maybe even 140 for original, so in that case 200 to put it in seems ok.

    Also, for getting the steering head bearings replaced, that seems like a very reasonable price, because it is a fairly time consuming task - maybe less so in your case because your bike doesn't have fairings. Sometimes you can feel if they need to be done by holding on the front brake and trying to rock the bike back and forth - you can get a clicking sound/feeling through the bars.

    Good luck anyways :)
  3. Re: yammie XV250: Regulator/rec and steering bearing problem

    Mate, I had the same problem with the regulator and I even told the mechanics to replace it.

    He, being the exhaulted learnerd one, fluffed me off!!

    A couple of days later, ALL my electrics blew (including my CDI unit) and it cost a bomb to fix.
    I sold it after I fixed it (upgraded anyway) and the new owner got a complete new set up and a bargain!!

    $200 is cheap.

    Apparently the OEM ones can "overheat" and there is another regulator with bigger fins? that will do a better job. Ask someone with Yamaha experience.

    $200 at a mechanics is fine.

  4. There are other regs that can be used. teh virago one was known to be a poor one years and years ago.

    Considering thats about the only known weakpoint in the virago they're a good bike.
  5. I had to replace the reg/rec on my Virago about 3 months back....

    I got a new battery and reg/rectifier for $150
  6. $200 is a fair price. for both, My fzr runs the same reg as thos viragos and i still havn't had a problem (touch wood), It may be too late for your battery as the damage may have been done allready.

    If you battery starts to show signs of weakness when turning over, replace it before it gets you stranded.

    headstemssss. If i was to do em I charge $1000... simply coz i hate doing them,,, lolz. They not that bad, and $200 is a good price.
  7. Thanks for the heap of replies guys :grin:

    I took it to the mech and it turns out (as SOBIL mentioned) that my battery was almost completely dry (and about to die) from overcharging. Luckily it wasn't too bad and all they had to do was top it up with new liquids.

    Apparently it was running at 20 volts instead of the normal 14.something. The guy said I was lucky that only my lights blew out and that my whole electrical system could've fizzled if i didn't promptly fix it.

    In the end, the bill ended up being $355. I thought $200 was the whole deal, but it was only rec parts. They charged me 1.5 hours labour @ $77hr and charged $10 for the new globes.

    Bikes really are expensive.