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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by outfox, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. who else on this site owns
    a Yamaha tdr250 ?

  2. do you think you could narrow it
    down a little bit ?
  3. :LOL: :rofl:

    fcuk sometimes the simplest shit is the funniest
  4. Great two answers to a normal straightforward question and what do I get, one guy who thinks I know everyone in Australia and a 2nd guy who thinks he's a comedian. It's a shame that on a serious bike site you can't ask a genuine question and get a real answer, just replies from morons with nothing better to do.
  5. Well what can you expect from people
    that think one word comebacks are so funny

    If their thought processes work like that it's a wonder they
    can ride a bike at all. Having to do two things at
    once must really fry that thing they try to pass off
    as a brain

    Don't worry boys, maybe Mommy will explain this to you
  6. This is why lions sometimes eat their young,
    it keeps the idiot numbers right down and
    they dont have to put up with them weakening
    the pack
  7. I'll make some sugestions at this point.
    You Subject line means almost nothing.
    How about you change it to mention a TDR instead of Just Yamaha.
    How about you also include something along the lines of "Looking for information on"
    This was people who just skim forums instead of reading every post might say "Hey I can help here"
    Could I also sugest you look at these two links as they may give you some usfull information...
  8. Let's consider your suggestions.

    First the Subject Line, by just putting Yamaha I mainly get Yamaha riders to stop and look, increasing my chances of finding someone who might know someone with a TDR.

    Second, I was mainly trying to see if anyone else had one, hence the question I asked.

    Third, you know the same as I do that no matter what the subject line was the question would have been the same and I would still have gotten the same idiots responding that I got, because if you look at a lot of other posts by other people (Yes I can and have used the search bar) there seems to be a pattern of the same fools giving them stupid answers too. I don't know if they just like seeing their own name in print or if they really do think they're smart (a mistake). So I suppose it comes down to why should people asking serious questions have to put up with a bunch of morons stuffing up a good site?
  9. :rofl:

    What? Where??

    Lighten up mate, just having a play. Bikes aren't supposed to be serious :p
  10. I am with the Falcon Lord on this one.

    You wasted my time by the dumb subject line, then try and defend it rather than just changing it. Obviously a new forum user, I am ok with that but how about a bit of remorse.

    Plus you asked the same question (correctly that time) back on November 5th 2007 in this same section. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=684470

    Whats wrong, didn't you like the replies that time or is it oldtimers.
  11. Ok I'll do this one at a time

    First phizog: if you ask someone a question don't you expect an intelligent
    answer and if you didn't get one wouldn't you get a bit defensive

    and yes bikes are supposed to be fun and I have been doing it for a long time both on and off road competitively but if you think they aren't supposed to be taken seriously then I don't think you should be riding one

    now to davo: if it was such a dumb subject line why did you open it and if your time is so precious then why have you even bothered to follow it up?
    Maybe you have the oldtimers

    and yes I did try it under the other line and got two replies, one again which was taking the piss so I thought I would try it another way

    and whats up with you, don't you think anybody might have bought a bike since November 2007 and joined this site that might have a TDR but hasn't gone searching for it

    must be that oldtimers you were on about
  12. glad to see you're enjoying the riding community that is netrider, outfox.

    However little everyone else has contributed, you have done the same. Perhaps you could have done something interesting in your post, like write a review about what you think about the TDR, which would have got the people talking as opposed to 90% clicking on yamaha, seeing "who has a yamaha TDR?", and then clicking the back button.

    I mean the forum name is "bike reviews, thoughts and suggestions", and you gave us none of those in the first place, so you never really set this thread up for good discussion anyway.
  13. Oh its really no bother at all, this is better than the comedy channel.... carry on.
  14. Oh well i gave some usfull and friendly advice, but your fragile little ego obviosly isn't up to handleing it.
    with that sort of attitude, good luck on getting the info you want (You are going to need it)
  15. That was my view FL. Attitude is what its about.
  16. First off: :nopity:

    As Chopper would say "Harden the F%&K up!"

    As others have said, your topic line was rubish. There are literally THOUSANDS of people who ride Yamahas on this forum and the TDR is a very uncommon bike. Your post had nothing to do with Yamaha in general and didn't even mention your real question.

    You suck even more cos instead of taking some useful suggestions on board to improve your post you've just started bitching about it and arguing with long standing members of the forum.

    WE know how to use this forum, YOU clearly do not.

    Now go post something usful, or at least fill in some info about yourself so we can be friends. :)