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yamaha zeal

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by banana, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. can someone tell me if the zeal is a good bike compared to other 4 stroke 250's? i've heard mixed reviews about it but i really like the way it looks
    plus it ain't so expensive.

  2. like it, buy it

    just buy it if you like it, go with your heart
  3. Re: like it, buy it

    Best advise i've here for a while :)
  4. It has the same engine as the older fzr250 (but no exup) so it is quite decent in terms of performance (i.e. power and torque), at least for a 250 - at 40 hp and 26 Nm it fares quite well in terms of a 4 stroke 250 (more than a honda vtr and other naked 250's, but slightly less than some racer styles such as a cbr, fzr, and zxr - at least from the info I found on them).

    As an owner of an fzr I can tell you that the engines are quite reliable and relatively easy to maintain (even easier on a zeal because you don't have to take off the fairings...). With regular oil changes etc. there shouldn't be any major problems.

    I have seen a few around and they do look quite nice as well, and I personally like them. Also - if this is your first bike then it is very likely that you will want to get a new one in 1-2 years, so there is no reason on getting an expensive bike, and as you said the zeal is reasonable in cost.

    But I think bladerunna's advice is best.
  5. My wife rode a Zeal for about 15 mths. Absolutely loved it, for a 250. I rode it a few times, and found it to be great. Maintenance, dependability, rideability, etc. were all great. Unless there's something really wrong with the bike your looking at (as with any bike, make sure either yourself, or someone else, knows enough about bikes to pickup any potential problems) then you'll be happy with a Zeal.
  6. thanks for all the info makes my choice a little bit easier 'preciate it.
  7. hey,
    im looking at a 98 model that has done 47,000km

    is that too many do you recon?
  8. as long as its been looked after 47000 is fine. have a good look over it, speshly at the brakes. and listen for noises you think shouldn't be there, like tapping, thats not good news (about $600+ worth of not good news).

    dont rule out the bandit either. you can find them cheaper, and unless you prefer the looks of the zeal, they're a VERY similar bike. just watch out for the pricks that advertise the compliance date as the build date. the early bandits are CRAP compared to the later ones. if you do check out bandits, you're looking for anything after 95. they have the VVTI motor with a much better power range.

    any which way, your looking at the right bikes. the naked ones kick ass :wink:
  9. not many people have good things to say about that bike shop mate.
    buy privately, save money and you won't get lied to.
  10. Oh sorry didnt relise! i have only seen them (sumoto) advertised and there bikes looked alright...my bad! Sorry for given bad info!


  11. S'orrite, that's what we're here for :p
  12. Just noticed you guys don't look to favourably upon Sumoto, which is all well and good. I didn't touch em 'cos I thought all their prices were way too high but anyway if we're on the topic of dodgy dealers what experiences have you guys had with Ray Quincey on elizabeth st?

    A mate of mine got his bike there (also a GPX) was given a good price and everything but found that they'd put tyres that were 10% larger than stock on his bike. The blokes at Brighton Kawasaki weren't too impressed and ragged on Quincey's a bit, should he avoid Quincey for his regular services and such?
  13. Be afraid, be very afraid! this crowd does not have a good rep! Don't buy anything sight unseen by an independant mechanic!
  14. word :D

    that place has more issues than a teenage girl :LOL:

    duuuuuck :oops: