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Yamaha Zeal stored for 3 years, suggestions.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by vx255, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Ive pulled my poor little FZX250 out of storage where it has sat untouched for over 3 years.

    I'm in the process of replacing all fluids, tank has been drained and refilled, coolant and oil replaced, fr and rr brakes have been drained and refilled with new fluid.

    It fires up and runs (really well) when it jumped with a car battery, seems 3 years of sitting isnt good for a battery :roll: , will pick up a new battery this week.

    My question is, should I be looking at doing more to bring it back up to a ridable condition (just a quick street burn to check things are ok).

    Should I look at the forks or rear shocks, they dont appear to leak ATM.

    The bike has only done 6800km, since I bought it new in 1998. (I stepped up to a bigger bike pretty quickly, and didnt want to part with this).

    Any advice to how best "un-mothball" this jigger would be appreciated.

    thanks and rgds Eddie
  2. Seems like you've done all you have to. NOW TAKE IT FOR A FANG! :LOL:
  3. Check the tyres as they may have gone off! A careful test ride may uncover more! How is the chain?
  4. Check tyres for sure. They might have also warped if the bike wasnt on stands all that time. A bit of WD40 or clean engine oil down the spark plug hole before you start it wouldnt hurt either.
  5. Sorry 4130 but the jump start with the car probably indicates he's already started it up!
  6. Yeah...Um... Just some advice for next time incase you do something silly like put your bike away for 3 years. Cheers. I should read all the previous posts next time.
  7. Hey 4130 it's ok I'm blonde!
  8. Ok I forgive you, this time.
  9. vx255, time to move on..Sell the bike and let someone else experience the joys of riding. You would have no trouble selling this machine.
  10. I am getting it back up to scratch to sell, so the minimum is in order, My wife always expressed interest in learning to ride, so that was the reason for keeping it. No more wife, so using the Zeal as a deposit for another (bike that is, not wife)

    Chain was lubed before it was put away, and I did run some CRC into the bores and turned it by hand before cranking it the first time..

    Tyres, yeah, they look ok, but I spose the proof will be when it goes around the block, and I completely forgot the idea of lubing cables...

    Thanks everyone for the replies, I'll look into the forks and shocks over the weekend.

    rgds Eddie
  11. No more wife hey! Good swap I did the same! oh mine was ex husband not wife! JFTR!
  12. The only swap I was a tad sad about, was she got the house, and I got a dusty 250... I shoulda haggled my way up to at least a TL1000 :LOL:

    Rgds Eddie