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yamaha Zeal dies while riding, when switching to Reserve?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by AussieAlex, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Hi I bought a zeal, its a great little bike, a few times tho, it has died completely. Just stopped running, no spluttering just gone. I thought it may have been the fuel pump or a blockage. But i have the switch set to the reserve the whole time becos if its on fuel it leaks abit. My question is, can it die if your riding and it switches over to reserve automatically? How big is the reserve tank? As it dies at about 140 -150 kays into a tank regularly. I sit on the side of the road and after about 5 minutes it starts again no probs and goes fine...

    Any help is appreciated

  2. Hi there,

    The Reserve setting isn't a seperate fueltank; it's just a fuel line that can get to the bottom of the bike's only fueltank.

    The normal 'ON' setting can't reach all of the fuel in the tank and so when the bike begins to stutter during 'ON' it serves as a warning that you're low on fuel. Switching to 'RES' allows you to use the last of the fuel in the tank.

    If you run the bike in 'RES'erve, once the bike begins to stutter, that's pretty much all of the fuel gone and you're about to have a very long walk ahead of you.

    Neither 'ON' nor 'RES' should leak fuel. There is usually a third setting, either 'PRI'me (priming) and 'OFF'. They're only for when the bike is being serviced and should not be used when riding.

    If the bike's leaking fuel when set to ON or RES, you should get it fixed ASAP.
  3. Just a tip. try not to use the reserve too much. all the crap in the fuel is at the bottom(dirt grit), will block carbs and cause engine damage.
  4. Step one fix the fuel tap. Could be the cause of the problem, and if it's already leaking then you may as well start there.
  5. I don't want to turn this thread into a trainwreck but... This has always made me scratch my head.

    Isn't that what the inline fuel filter is for?

    And what about all the modern bikes and cars which don't even have a seperate "ON" fuelline and are always using the full tank? Like my new Tiger. Or the V-strom, or... well, just about any new bike these days?
  6. Re: yamaha Zeal dies while riding, when switching to Reserve

    That's because you have a fuel blockage.

    There is a strainer in most fuel taps - it is probably mostly filled with rubbish. Unscrew the bowl on the bottom of your fuel tap to check.

    Next, wait till your fuel tank is nearly empty and unscrew the fuel tap. Have something handy to catch the fuel. You will possibly see a lot of rubbish built up against the strainer in the bottom of the tank where the tap screws in.

    You could also have some rubbish partly blocking the reserve port in the fuel tap. Carefully remove the plate which holds the tap in place. It is possibly that same rubbish which is allowing the tap to leak. Oh, it is quite possible that your tap is not rebuildable...without some effort.

    If you really want to see what happens, first remove a fuel line from a carb and open the fuel tap to see how much fuel comes out. Then follow the steps above before trying to watch the flow rate again.


    Trev as in G
  7. thanks alot! will investigate, great knowlegde and wisdom for an 8 year old!!!