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Yamaha Zeal - Can't Start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 6pistons, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I have problems starting my bike.

    I fully charged my battery, and when it is loaded into my bike(and connected), I can't seem to start the engine. It did initially show signs of cranking up for a few seconds.

    But now, all I hear is the rattling sound(going "tat, tat, tat...." as long as i hold the Start button) of a device near my battery. However, the headlight still does turn on.

    Can anyone help me diagnose this problem? Or does the problem lie with the battery? It is currently having 11.1V.

    Many thanks to one and all.

  2. Thats probably alittle low, have you tried to roll/bump start it?
  3. if its a 12 v battery. after charging its open circuit voltage should be around 13.8V, for the size you've got.

    11.1 is way to low.

    If it is a sealed battery it sounds like it may be stuffed.

    If you can take off the plugs and check the electrolyte levels, the electrodes should be emersed, otherwise top them up with demineralised water.

    Be careful, if you are not confident with this seek professional help.
  4. with that voltage sounds like your battery is cactus.
  5. tat sound you hear is the starter realay... don't push the button!! you will burn it out!!

    If there is not enough energy to turn the engine over but there is just enough to swich the relay over than it can actualy cause damage to the relay... charge up the battery and if that does not work replace it!!
  6. warden - i tried to roll start it, but doing it alone really drained me. Can't roll start it. maybe i should get a friend.

    Checked my sealed battery with the wreckers today, but claimed that the battery is all right.

    The wrecker mentioned something about the alternator may be the source of the problem or voltage regulator.

    Can anyone point out to me roughly how both look like? *smiling sheepishly*


    And thanks for taking the time to help me.
  7. Where abouts are you dude?
    You should be able to bump start it fairly easily by yourself.
    If you disconnect the battery and put a voltmeter across it, what is the reading..
    If you hook it back up and measure from the positive terminal to the frame of the bike, what is the measurement?
    If you again measure while the battery is hooked up, what is the measurement?
  8. Sorry for the late reply.

    I am living in Brunswick East.

    I got a new battery and the bike started up for awhile. But it died on its own soon after that.

    The engine can only turn over now without sustaining the engine revs - in short it won't start but can only turn over when i press the ignition switch.

    Any suggestions?

    I am currently reading this article:

    I have to look into the spark plugs and the air filter.

    Can anyone explain to me about the effects of flooding and how it occurs?

    And my current new battery voltage is 12.5V. Is that enough or do i have to charge it again to about 12.8V-13V?

  9. If the engine turns over when you try to start it, but won't fire, it could be that the ignition coil is dead. A bit strange that it started initially, then stopped though.
  10. We have a Yammy xj model which is similar to the zeal.

    We found that if the battery is not fullt charged, we have problems. I strongly suspect the computer jigger near the battery. It sometimes just simply cuts out for no reason and then is ok for ages. Other days we have to jump start from a car.

    The wreckers are pullying your leg. If the alternator etc is faulty, sure the battery will not charge, but if it has been on a charger it should be fully charged and start.

    We also found the kill switch was shorting out and killing the engine at times. If the moter starts to die, jiggle the switch and see if it makes a difference. If is does there is the problem fir it dying. If the engine cranks, the kill switch is ok while the engine is not running but it can still kill the engine after it starts. That is whats happening to ours.

    Hope you have better luck in finding the fault. Will be interested to hear the result.
  11. 6 pistons, mob in Coburg called CAES Coburg Auto Electrical Services (at a guess). The bloke there is supposed to be very good value and an evil genius as far as diagnosing electrical probs goes, may be worth giving him a call, SFA to lose from a phone call.