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yamaha ZEAL as my first bike? opinions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kursed, May 19, 2007.

  1. Hey all, passed my L's training and theory test, now I am out and about to find a bike!
    I have found a yamaha Zeal for $4500 with 15,000kms on it in good condition (pending a mech inspection). Is this a good bike for a learner to start off on? I have no prior riding exp. before the L's training.
    I have sat on a few diff bikes and I like the position on the zeal and the honda VTR250s, and the Spadas. I also like the semi-naked look (on bikes too). :LOL:

    Does $4500 sound like a worthy deal? Not many on bikepoint to judge prices on which is why i ask. I am in syd btw.
    thanks all!

  2. Do you mean Yamaha Zeal? The naked Kawasaki 250 is a Balius.
    $4500 it better be in tip top condition. 15,000km is pretty low depending on what year it is.
  3. edited first post thanks!
    urm its from a dealer so it does have a 3000km / 3 month warranty on all mechanics... thought that might be worth a little bit extra on the $4k that most private sales are asking
  4. If it's an official import (check the compliance plate) and the mileage is genuine then 4.5k seems quite reasonable for a dealer bike. Keep in mind that 15 year old CBRs with "iffy" odometer readings sell for 7k+ even though they don't offer any extra performance compared to a Zeal. It should be ideal as a first bike - being a parallel-4 you will have to get used to keeping the revs high but otherwise it shouldn't be that much different to a VTR or most other 250s.
  5. Hey there...I own one and run it as my commuter atm. I think it's great. Not as powerful as the CBR by any means, but fast/responsive without being stupid or over the top.

    I have been using mine in the rain - no problems.
    My only trouble is the rear seat catch to access the storage compartment. My other complaint or dis-like is the seat. It takes getting use to - I feel a little cramped compared to other bikes.

    the only other catch is economy - it is pretty poor. Unless you run around in 6th gear (and it sure struggles up the slightest incline) you are unlikely to get better than 20-26km/L fuel. The average tank (incl. res) will get you anywhere between 230-260km. Ride in lower gears and race off at the lights will bring you well short of this.

    any other Qs Id be happy to answer.
  6. should also add - I have tried this bike down at the SA stage 2 course for the r-date lisence...and it is quite capable of performing all of the test with reasonable ease.

    just make sure the throttle doesn't stick when the steering handles are locked full right. This can make RH u-turns near impossible.
  7. dougster what is the redline on the tacho for your Zeal? I think it has a slightly different engine to the FZR250?
  8. red-line was about 15-16k (1k grace) with 17k max. It happily hits those numbers when accelerating in any gear :roll:

    great little bike to be honest. My friend with her gsxr600 still loves to ride it. As I said tho, it tends to struggle under 4-6k on the tacho whereas the cbr doesn't. I'm not sure if that is related to my carbie problems tho.
  9. Its from a dealer so expect to knock off hundreds from asking price. And see if you can get like 20% off riding gear if you haven't bought it :grin:
  10. yer that price was with a 500 clam discount. Salesman said he will give me a good discount on any riding gear I need (they have a big sale on too) but I have a bit of stuff already, just need boots and draggins.
  11. I bought a 98 Zeal about a month ago after completing the pre learner course and getting my L's.
    Mine is pretty knocked up, scratches on the mirrors and muffler, and VERY faded paint work, chips in the paint on the tank, and bent clutch/brake levers.
    I got it for $2600, mechanically its good, and new brake/clutch levers cost me $50.

    When my instructor at the St. Ives course told me that a Zeal would need quite a lot more revs than the bikes we did the course on I was worried, but honestly its a sweet bike to learn on.
    I ride out to my GF's place (about a 50k trip) along the M2, M7 and get good economy (way cheaper than driving my car at least) not to mention the bike has plenty of acceleration for avoiding the a$$e$ who feel that tail gating is their god given right. (Was feeling brave today and got up to 120 on a straight just to see how she'd go).

    I havent had any experience on other bikes yet but I would recommend a zeal : ), great looking bike IMO. I'd check ebay also there is normally a few for private sale there quite a bit cheaper. Anywho hope i was a bit of help and good luck!
  12. hey mate, i ended up getting it a week ago but thaqnks for the response!
    i like the bike but damn it doesn't do much above 60kms in terms of acceleration... not bad for a learner I guess!
  13. You must be joking....or doing something wrong. One should be able to reach 60ks in 1st gear on that thing :shock:

    As the others said, it works best around 6000rpm or higher (think the optimal point was somewhere around 10krpm). It should happily accelerate in 3-5th gear at 60km/hr. Maybe you just need to run it in at the higher revs for a while or get new spark plugs...try some fuel/carby cleaner and see if it makes a difference.
  14. I think I am a big chicken when it comes to revving the crap out of it, I think I am changing gears at about 6 - 7000 RPM. So I am really supposed to be revving it out way more each gear? that would probably explain why it doesn't feel like much in the top end...
    so used to cars where you change a fair bit earlier in the rev range!
  15. It's up to you. Mine doesn't perform all that well below ~5-6krpm on an upward slope. I tend to commute with it doing around 4krpm (for fuel conservation only). With that in mind, you should be able to rev it way out to 15-16krpm with no problems should you want too...I often do that on the weekend, in the hills coming out of a corner onto a st8 road just for fun.

    When I 1st got the bike not too long ago, I used to drag P-platers off at the lights for a laugh...even with a 65kg pillion it accelerated enough to make it worth my while. Have also had a friend riding (me pillion) and she did the same. The throttle is not as responsive as a cbr until you turn it a good few degrees, then it kicks in nicely.

    I wouldn't bother in traffic because acceleration will just get you in trouble with people who don't look, but on the weekend or a quiet stretch of road try pumping it further and see how it goes. If it hasn't been done for a long time, some bikes struggle to get there and gradually get better with a few weekend spurts/twist of the wrist.
  16. nice one thanks for teh tips
  17. Its an inline 4 isnt it? If im just taking off slowly i will change gears at 8000rpm but if i want to go fast i normally keep it between 11k and 13k. My bike has nothing below 6k rpm then the variable valve timing kicks in around 9.5k rpm and picks up and at 11k rpm it starts to really move (for a 250 anyway :LOL:) So just keep those revs above 6k rpm and you should be sweet