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yamaha Zeal, any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fishyben, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. I have decided not to get a new Hyosung gt250r, one reason is cost ( i can put the money saved towards a bigger bike in 18 months ) so i'v got my eye on something a bit more naked , A Zeal , anyone got one and fancy sharing their experience with it ?
    Thanks, Ben

  2. Based on the FZR250 but nekid'ised... overall a pretty good bike.
    If you get one with the original headlight on it (the mini faired one) then sell the headlight immediately and buy an aftermarket boring one - those headlights cost an arm and a leg and you'll get nicely reimbursed for doing such!

    In terms of putting around the city, it will easily take it.
    In terms of blatting out in the twisties, it'll easily keep up with the other 250's.

    The other bike's id recommend looking at if your keen on the Zeal would be the Suzuki Bandit and Honda Hornet. The Hornet is one very nice piece of machinery as it's based on the Hornet 600, but with the smaller donk (duh :wink: ).
  3. I like nekid bikes, and I had one. Don't have any other bike to compare it too, except for the cb250 at the learner course.

    I never had any mechanical problems with the bike, except for flat battery (which was replaced free) and one case of over heating after a mechanic set the idle speed too high.

    There is some more info and opinions here..

  4. I don't know much about Zeal's but I've had a crush on them for as long as I can remember. Wouldn't mind learning more myself.. I pick mine up on Monday :):):)):):)
  5. From experience, I can't happily say that the Yamaha FZX250 Zeal is a motorcycle worth every dollar.

    I first purchased my Zeal in 2004 as a smash from motorcycle disposals in sydney - wasen't really a smash (only damage it had was a damaged front mud guard, bent brake lever, scratched exust and a chiped tacho cover). Anyways they took the offer of $2100.

    The bike is mechanically A1, and with 32.000kz on the clock, I think I did ok. Registration wasen't a problem and the bike hasn't give me any trouble what so ever - except right now I require a disk rotor for the front and they cost half a grand brand new.

    The only thing I was a little disapointed in regards to the Zeal is the lack of support in relation to service manuals and motorcycle information. However; I did manage to get my hands on a Zeal owners manual from Yamaha's website; anyone who needs a copy give me a yell and i'll email it to you.

    Yes, and if you want a 250 with at least some grunt to keep you out of trouble, the Zeal is very quick on throttle response and shouldn't disapoint in the speed range; anyways if you're alittle diapointed bolt on an aftermarket sports exust for the FZR250 engine (same as Zeal engine) - but I don't think you'll need it.
  6. im also looking at a zeal a '98 model. im 157cm would anyone know how much i would be looking at in lowering a zeal need to get in down by 7cm
  7. My first bike was an Across, then I had a ride on a Zeal for a week. So much fun, so easy to steer, and has some go. After that experience I went for something of the same sort in a bigger size come upgrade time and got a GSR600. Good stuff.
  8. Hay there,
    have only just sold my zeal and upgraded to the gs500f.

    Well I've only good good things to say about it, although it had high kms so I had to spend a bit of money on it.
    It's a great learner bike. Someone here said to me it is a forgiving bike. Yep it is true, so easy to ride.

    aimee, hubby lowered mine, so they must not be that hard. I'm about the same size as you. Maybe one of the guy's hear can help you or tell you the name of the tool.

    Cheers Lou
  9. yamaha Zeal, any thoughts?

    no, never thought about them.
  10. Hey Ben, where do you live? My zeal is for sale right now. Great bike, fairly decent power, def keeps up with the other 250s (my friends have GPXs and ZXRs), and the zeal sounds better than most 250s for some reason. Very reliable bike. And gotta love those twin pipes on one side.
    Totally reccomend it (as long as you dont mind people continually asking you "what kinda bike is that?"

  11. How much? Lolz, You don't pay to lower a Zeal. All you need is another person to push the spring down on the rear shockies as hard as possible (make sure they're off the bike) while you turn the adjuster to hard, soft, medium etc... I believe your shockies may be on a medium setting so adjust it to soft and it may lower a little.

    Here's an extract from a Zeal owners manual, follow this to re-adjust your shocks and height.



    Lolz @ Pat65...
  12. I drooled over the zeal for a long time b4 getting my first bike. couldn't find one for the right price... (not in a good condition anyway)

    Found the Honda Hornet to be even more sexy... this one has twin pipes too so looks and sounds totally horn. :grin:

  13. Have sent you a PM fishyben
  14. My 2 cents worth :

    Don't bother with a 4 cylinder 250. Go for a twin.

    The smaller 4's can be a bit asthmatic and take a lot of revs to get them up and running. They can be fast, but very 'buzzy'.

    Torque seems to be better delivered by a twin cyl engine, in smaller bikes anyhow. Take each for a ride and you'll spot the difference immediately.

    The Zeal is a nice looking bike tho' and it's your bucks at the end of the day.