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Yamaha Zeal 250 Vs Honda Spada 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by scootergal76, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Actually I am looking for a Spada with right price good condition, but I found a Yamaha Zeal (1991' 02 compliance)within my budget too, similar year as Spada, done 22000kms

    but would like to know the heandling and different between this 2 bikes.

  2. zeal is 4 cyl
    spada is twin
    as for handling it is mujch of a muchness
  3. i think you'll find the spada is a bit more nimble with better take off but losing out on top end power. i dont remember much about the zeal (didn't like the looks too much) but i seem to remember its fairly similar to the bandit that i had. the spada is a pretty damn small bike, thin and light, the Zeal isn't exactly big either but it is a little wider and heavier.

    give them both a run and see what you think. the Zeal is a better bike IMO and if theres not much difference in the price, i'd go for that. but value is all in what youre willing to pay, spadas are very capable bikes still and if you like it better than the zeal, then its worth whatever you're willing to pay....
  4. Heh - I was tossing up between the two as well! Decided to go for the cult classic Spada. :) Just felt right when I sat on it, and VTwin has more appeal than inline 4. I've yet to ride my spada other than a spin around the block at the seller's house on the weekend. :)
  5. my budget is try to keep it less than $3000 with duty. Some grey import nake sport bike similar to Spada, Zeal, bandit... coz those grey import seem short than other local ones.

    Zeal is 4 cyl? even the 91' model?
  6. I agree
  7. Yep, the Zeal is definitely a 4-cyl.
    It's the re-tuned (de-tuned?) version of the FZR. They took off the stratospheric top end redline and gave it a bit more torque (LMAO: torque on a 2fiddy :wink: ).

    Zeals are quite nice to ride, but for some reason didnt leave me with as big a grin as the Bandit. My bets for nakeds are:-

    1. VTR 2fiddy (i know im a damn groupie but they REALLY are nice bikes to ride).
    2. Bandit 2fiddy (the award for the naked bike that gave me the biggest dopiest grin; and i still dont know why. Mebe it was a leaking exhaust and fumes creaping up into my helmet)
    3. Zeal (just its got a similar feel to the FZR but with a those twin stacked pipes just ooooozes style (for me atleast :p))

    edit: I always like to think of Spada's as to what made the VTR 2fiddys so great. They were a stepping stone; an evolutionary step. They're nice simple, plain, predictable, safe bikes.
  8. I have a zeal...

    I bought a zeal about 4 weeks ago, ride it to work every day. I've only ever ridden a BMW R65 before the zeal. So, it took some getting used to but now I really like it.

    The power is pretty good for a 250 in my opinion. It probably has less torque than the VTR Spada but is more fun to ride, produces more power and goes quicker. The 4-cylinder just sounds great and I like the idea of a naked street bike. I'm thinking of putting a pair of renthals on mine for the streetfighter look.

    Now for the bad news. A 4-cylineder requires more maintenance than a V-twin. It's also more difficult to work on which means that maintenance is likely to cost you more money. I do all my own work but wouldn't like to be paying a dealer to do it. (more cylinders, carbs, plugs, valves etc etc)

    It's nice to get a ride on each bike, but I have to say it will take you a little bit of time to be smooth on the Zeal.

    Oh and you're more likely to get a speeding fine on the zeal, it just wants to be revved.

    Good luck with your selection, either way you cant go wrong in my opinion.
  9. thanks for everyone advise.

  10. I would go for the Zeal... my mate had one and I found it to be fun and greate ride... but I must agree with toughguy... more expensive maintenance but than I also do it all my self... eather find a good backyard mechanic or learn everything yourself and invest in tools...
  11. I looked at, and rode, both bikes when making this call - FWIW (and IMHO ;) ) the Spada struck me as a more sophisticated machine than the Zeal, vee-twin vs in-line-4 notwithstanding. The Spada's diecast frame certainly impressed me - as did its monoshock rear end compared to the Zeals twin shocks. Both have reputations of being bulletproof, and the Zeal has a bit more power when revved out. But the Spada's no slug either (for a 250). And as others have said, the Spada has the edge regarding servicing costs etc. Overall, the Zeal struck me as being built to a pricepoint, while the Spada was a bit more of a no-compromise design.

    Just my take on it - but I ultimately bought a Spada and reckon it's a great little bike!