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Yamaha Zeal (1994?)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by infinityx, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Hey guys seems like the spada i was about to buy was sold.

    so i am now setting my eyes on a yamaha zeal or VTR 250.

    i had a question about the zeal though. i noticed on gumtree a 1994 yamaha zeal for $3,500 (pic below). The question i have is whether the 1994 model mean its a grey import?

    I cant seem to find it in redbook (so i cant seem to get a proper value for the bike). I looked under fzx250 and it only has the 1998 and 1999 model listed.


    Thanks guys.

    Apologies if i have posted in teh wrong section again. still trying to get used to the forum.
  2. Er, I think they are all grey imports don't let that put you off though, just don't take everything at face value. The condition of the bike will be more important than the k's.

    It's an ok price, not a great price. I think the Zeal was based on the FZR...? A VTR will set you back at least 5K, depending on where you are, & will not necessarily be any better or faster...

    You don't mention where you are, but most state now have LAMS or equivalent, so you're not limited to a 250cc machine anymore.
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  4. There ya go, someone who knows stuff!
  5. Heard of these via the British 'Used Bike Guide' website, I use it a bit for info on bikes I'm not familiar with. Heres its speil:

    Puts out 40 horses with a mass of 145kg and a top speed that nudges 200 clicks. I wouldn't mind one to be honest, and the fighterish look of the one you posted is pretty cool. Go check it out, run its info through REVs or something.

    - boingk

    EDIT: UBG also lists them as being manufactured since 1994.
  6. If you wanted a Zeal someone was advertising a cafe modified one on this site not long ago...

    Never mind me, that was the better part of a month ago, and its soldski!