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Yamaha YZF750R Streetfighter - frikkin AWESOME

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Takamii, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. A bike like this would be a good promo bike for me

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  2. but ... but ... it's a yammy!
  3. and you might want to start looking for a hugger/mud guard/cop deflector for it too lmao
  4. perfection incarnate, but a cop magnet.
    a lot of money got sunk into that though, bids are going to go way high.
  5. Works for me - until the ugly 'bugs head' on the front - what is wrong with just putting a headlight there?
  6. I'd also prefer a bit more function and a bit less style at the headlight. Other than that, looks hawn!
  7. I just sex wee'd over that
  8. Yeah I saw this, looks amazing!

    Someone on this forum needs to buy it so we can keep it in the family haha
  9. Agreed. Make shure someone doesnt take it and wreck it.
    Or some 50 year old mid life crysis buys it....
  10. That lets me out. :cry:
  11. Hey, maybe offer the buyer those strange pods of yours!!
    Now they would work with this! hehe
  12. Another lebanese wedding. I'm afraid to take my cam caps into EC to get new ones cncd lest they come back chromed.
  13. I am gunna rue the day I bought those crap plastic pods...

    (Going cheap still -)