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Yamaha YZF-R3

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  1. Sioux submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Yamaha YZF-R3

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  2. Very nice :]
  3. Ahhhh another r3. Good to see, my friend. Wait till you pass your break in stage and really get to know her. I'm 6000km's in and I'm still learning more about her every day.

    Where abouts are you located?
  4. get the akra full system. sounds great!
  5. I do envy you my friend for being past the run in phase and able to rev her up properly because even now when I am going easy on her I can just feel the potential just waiting to be unleashed. She really is a smooth ride and very lively for 320cc. Took her up Mt Tambourine for some twisties and she is handling very well, although 27˚ lean angle is as far as I went with less than 400 km's on street tyres, and she isn't really feeling my weight either (95kg's).

    That being said, I am probably a little bit older and more conservative than most R3 riders so she won't see too much hard riding but still I can't wait to break her in for those times when I am feeling a little less conservative :)

    I am in Brisbane (south side)

    Would really love to hear what you thoughts are on R3 after doing 6000k's. Strengths, weaknesses?
  6. Yes, Akra is definitely on the wish list but I am a little hard of hearing wanting to keep what little I have left so I am hoping to meet up with someone local who already has the Akra pipe and see how it impacts me (it will all depend on the tone, if its more in my already gone band than I'll get one for sure)
  7. Thanks. Coming from a kawi owner that compliment is double the value :)
  8. Great looking bike Sioux.....really looks the business! (y)
  9. Don't worry, my friend. I'm a stocky guy, sitting at 110kg my self. The bike has no problem pulling away with me.

    The lean will come with time, but I would recommend changing the tyres to some stickier ones if you plan on going all out. The stock tyres aren't all too confidence inspiring at deeper lean angles, but they're fantastic in the rain haha.

    Apart from that, I have nothing I can fault the bike with. I've done a few long trips (700km days) and a lot of aggressive style riding (Within the speed limit, mr officer ;) ), have taken her off road for a few kilometres and she never complained about any of it. Not even once.

    Once you keep the engine about the 7k rev mark from 3 gear and above, she really comes alive.

    All I can say is ride safe, because you're in for a world of fun with this bike!
  10. Really nice to hear she only gets better the more she goes :)

    I completely agree on the tyres - not really confidence inspiring. But then again, pretty good for street tyres. I don't ride daily so when these wear off a bit I'll probably be changing to something a little stickier.

    Keeping her under 7k for run in also helps keep me under the 110 km's speed limit (just).

    Really appreciate you replying with feedback after 6000 k's. Bike feels good and quality built but its always great to get first hand confirmation.
    If I could I'd definitely give you most positive ratings but don't have that privilege yet so, thank you will have to do for now :)
  11. if you're not already wearing earplugs when you ride then I strongly suggest that you start wearing them right away.

    you'll find when riding, that it is infact not the loud exhausts that will do damage to your hearing, but the wind noise. at 100kmh's an hour the wind noise is about 110 db, exposure to this for about 15 minutes is enough to damage. I read somewhere that exposure to the wind noise for 30 minutes a day for a year is enough to cause 30% hearing loss.

    I know for damn sure that my tinnitus has gotten way worse since I started riding - first month without ear plugs was brutal.

    get ear plugs and wear them as much as you can
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  12. Thanks for the tip. Off to buy some earplugs ASAP. My hearing aid has tinnitus eliminator but it will probably require some adjustment and perhaps a dedicated channel when I am riding motorcycle.
  13. With the ear plugs your riding will be much more calm and focused. something to do with loud noises raising adrenaline levels or something.

    good on you for getting some earplugs, and enjoy the beast :D
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  14. Finally re-discovered a practical use for the "mute" button on my hearing aid remote. Because my hearing aid is CIC once I turn on the mute feature it eliminates the noise as well as any ear plugs I know of, if not even better, and as a bonus my phone is connected to my hearing aid via bluetooth and if it rings I still get a notification, and if using GPS I have crystal clear voice guidance :D

    Thanks heaps Jack096 for reminding me of ear plugs. Thanks to you I finally stopped regretting paying extra $500 for that remote as apart for the occasional volume adjustment I found very little use for it!
    I originally bought that remote because CIC hearing aids are too small to fit T-Coil receiver inside it, only to realise that most cinemas in my area don't have T-Coil anyways...
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  15. Far out, Yamaha really do make the best looking bikes hey
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  16. Excellent choice in bike! Looks awesome!

    Good thing you're not in VIC because you would NOT be allowed to use your phone whilst riding your LAMS bike.
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  17. Phone is always safely tucked away in my pocket so I don't really use it but my hearing aid does send a little "beep, beep" signal if I am receiving a call or text, its only a notification though because microphone is located on the remote which is also in the pocket so its not really possible to answer the call even if I wanted.... Its still really handy though because when I stop for rest I already know if I should check my phone for missed calls...Handy thing is GPS voice guidance although that is only good at speeds of 80 km/h or less, after that it becomes impossible to hear clearly.

    I've done about 1500 km's on the bike now and can confirm its an excellent bike that handles really well and has enough power to stay interesting even after receiving unrestricted license. Pure pleasure to ride and quality all around, although I reckon paint work could/should have been done better.