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Yamaha YZF-R3

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  1. Sage91 submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Yamaha YZF-R3

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  2. I've got the midnight black R3. It's my first ever bike. Love it! Enjoy!
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  3. Hey guys,

    A friend of mine is looking at this, a Ninja 300, and a CBR300R. I was wondering if you had ridden those bikes and could compare them? If not your general impressions of your R3's? You both seem to like them, but have you had any issues with them at all?
  4. likewise! (Well first legal road bike haha) how are you finding the little beast?

    I have ridden the other two, and was about to purchase the ninja 300 prior to the r3 being released in Aus. The Cbd was automatically ruled out due to its lack of power compared to the other two.

    However, the ninja is a beautiful bike. It rides quite well and the power is delivered smooth. But once you hop on the R3, you forget about the others in the run for your money. I have nothing but the best things to say about the R3 in every aspect possible for the bike. It is literally perfect for me. Not a single problem so far and would happily give my recommendations as a first bike!
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  5. I've had no issues with the R3. I still love it as much as when I test rode one! I prefer it over the Honda's.

    I haven't riden a Ninja 300, but I have been chatting to someone who had a Ninja 300 before his R3, and he prefers the R3.
  6. Cheers for the tips guys!! I really want to test ride one so I can get a feel for it, but I am up in Bathurst and the dealers near me haven't got a demo. Goulburn is meant to have one on the floor so at least I could have a look at it, but I'll have to wait till I next go back to Canberra.

    Thanks for your info, they look like wicked bikes!!
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  7. I test rode all three of them and ended up purchasing R3.
    In my personal opinion Honda CBR300R isn't really a competitor here, it handles well but is lacking power compared to Ninja and R3. So, it came down to Ninja 300 and R3 and I would have to say the final choice really would be up to personal preference as they are both great bikes. For example Ninja 300 has the slipper clutch, RS does not, RS comes with ABS standard and with Ninja its an option.
    I am a returning rider and feel that, whilst slipper clutch is nice, its not really a must in the 300 category. ABS on the other hand is a safety feature that you want to have no matter what size category you're bike is in.
    RS looks leaner compared to Ninja and some younger riders looking to impress girls into thinking they are riding a non LAMS bike may dislike that but, RS is also lighter and I felt it handled better. So leaner, lighter and extra 5 bhp on RS definitely felt better with my 95 kg's, perhaps if I was more within the average weight range I wouldn't feel those extra 5bhp difference as much but, then again, extra 5bhp coupled with lighter RS weight ought to feel better even for average weight rider.
    Dashboard on RS is entirely outside of this class and one up in the best of ways displaying just about all info that would matter, and I think a learner rider will especially appreciate gear indicator (IMHO every bikes should have this as standard but its even more important on smaller bikes where you shift more frequently) and shift light. Ninja 300 looks nice and its overall a nice bike to ride but RS delivers more power and when it comes to finish details i think RS is a clear winner. A bit too late for me and other riders but I suspect next RS 3 model will come with slipper clutch which at this time was the only thing preventing it from being upgraded from "clear" to an "absolute winner" in 2015.
    I also did a ton of research online before my test rides and here is a comparison that I think is most useful for anyone shopping in 300cc category (its from US and those suckers didn't even get ABS as option on RS so, if thats one of the complaints you can safely ignore it as for us here in Oz, ABS is standard :) )