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Yamaha YZF-R3 - Satisfying & Visceral

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Orange Generator, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Soooo recently have come into the lucky and sudden chance to have a permanent Yamaha R3 in the garage.

    My previous experience with all things two wheeled was my 150cc Honda PCX scoot, CB125E, and a lonesome test ride of a TMAX 530. I weigh about 75-80kg and are about 170-175cm tall.

    This is not a standard review - this is just my thoughts on what is now my favourite bike in existence and hopes this gives yet another though perhaps more personal approach to the "analysis and critique" found on the internet for the R3 and other 300cc range bikes.

    First impressions of riding the bike for the first time last night and more so this evening... it felt fcuking fantastic. A smooth crafting of precision/velocity and comfort elements somehow balanced in a "perfectly" intertwined package. I felt so comfortable on the bike after just a few minutes of riding, it is the most friendly and simple yet fiery and exciting bike I've rode before and I think that design approach is fantastic. It is friendly and comfortable yes but it does not bore you, oh no...

    Yes the suspension is soft, but it doesn't compromise the bikes stability nor confidence inspiring cornering - at least at my pace which is not trying to race everywhere but just enjoy a light to moderate good pace of ride - I am sensitive to velocity I think. It makes the most hideous bumps, and road waves as I call them, feel like a soft massage on your arse and legs.

    Yes the brakes are soft, but they will bite when you really need them plus the bike is very stable under all braking intensities - it feels like a comfortable spaceship pulling to a halt.

    The engine is amazing, I find the power very attainable at nearly any RPM, obviously the higher you go the more you have, but in my experience you can be in a higher gear say 4-6 doing around 40-60kph and be cruising at around 3000RPM - roll on the throttle and don't tell me the bike has no power - it pulls forward more than quickly enough for the street, at low RPMS in a higher gear. Bumping it down a notch definitely is satisfying though as the engine roars and whirrs away like a hyper electric kitten purring at thousands of kilohertz - the vibrations are felt smoothly yet prominently all over the body, it feels like an electric bike more so in the sense of the typical lightning imagery and sensations.

    The headlights are pretty decent, definitely better than I was expecting and provide good utility and adequate light, high beam works well as well for its purpose.

    The instruments cluster - gorgeous, very easy to read and identify what is going on, a lot of information, and that tacho and digital speedo are just so well paired together. Both are sharp and responsive, giving you a feeling of accurate feedback and control.

    The bike exudes a feeling of build quality and precision, every detail of the body work and fairings that mesh so tightly against each other, the flowing lines of the braking system tubes and pistons, the mirrors that fold in and memory fold back out. The bike feels well designed, offering enough balance of practical and pure craft/machine p0rn.

    And finally (because i need to end somewhere or this will just go on forever) ..

    That stock exhaust is seriously awesome. Yes it could be louder and even meaner or dynamic with a custom exhaust setup, but for a stock exhaust - wow- it is pretty loud, you will be loud amongst "average" street cars/bikes, it has bass tones, it screams like a MOTOGP bike as it revs to its atmosphereless 12500RPM redline. It looks great too.

    Anyhoo, as you can tell I am heavily biased towards this bike but it is obviously more of a persona experience that just adds to the discussion. Hope you enjoyed.

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  2. congrats :)
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  3. Woooo that was a great review! A purring kitten at a thousand kilohertz...:) I couldn't have said it myself better! Enjoy R3! ;)