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Yamaha YZF-R3 - brake clutch levers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Krazy Kiwi, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. I love my new Yamaha YZF-R3, but (probably due to inexperience and not yet enough confidence) I've dropped it a couple of times.

    The first time I've had to replace the clutch lever as the very end of it broke (which I got replaced). Now I've managed to bend the front brake lever. Annoying!

    Anyway, I was thinking maybe I need to have shorter brake clutch levers, preferably ones that suit small women's hands! (I'm a 5'2" shortie lol).

    Can anyone recommend a particular brand that would fit a 2015 year R3?
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  2. You don't need short leveres , the stock ones are fine.
    You need to stop dropping your bike, as levers don't brake themselfs !
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  3. I'm not sure of the wisdom of using shorter levers, I'm a newb too but I guess much more experienced peeps will express opinions on that. As an alternative have you considered something like Barkbusters or more serious protection? May be cheaper than replacing Yamaha parts. I know the clutch lever assembly for the R15 cost me about $75 and I've not replaced the half ground down brake lever, so I think I know where you are coming from.
  4. How are you bending them ?
    Oh and I've moved you post to a more appropriate forum, your turn next time.
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  5. I don't advocate shortie levers, especially for a newbie. More lever, more leverage. You can squeeze a front brake way harder than you'd imagine to come to a stop. I use standard length levers on the track - why limit that with a shortie?

    I have chinese levers as spares for all my bikes. I don't like them, i don't really trust them, but drop, break, swap - and you're still mobile - for $30 a pair.

    Cruise ebay and source genuine items in the meantime from someone else's misfortune and you'll pay $20-30 per lever/pair secondhand.

    Consumable spares - well worth the investment - change bike, flick them off again.
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  6. The first time I dropped the bike was in busy traffic - I seemed to lose confidence with my footing, dropped the bike in stop start traffic, which in turn broke the end of the clutch lever. I'm now more confident in stop start traffic thankfully.

    Today I dropped the bike while practising U-turns (I didn't have enough throttle on during the turn I don't think, but ended up dropping the bike half way through the turn) - that bent the brake lever.
  7. Thanks! I'm quite new here, so am still trying to work out where to post stuff! ;-)
  8. Yes true ... but it's not as if I'm dropping my bike on purpose!!
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    There are also reverse levers that "bend backwards" or away from the handlebars if dropped because they're on a hinge. So when the bike is picked up the lever can be snapped back in place, if that makes any sense.

    Edit: not to be confused with "inverted levers" where the lever connects to the outside of the handle bar/grip.
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  10. Sounds so familiar. Dropped mine practising e-stops in the wet. Got nervous first time in the wet in traffic, a whole 5 weeks of experience panic braked - ground down end of brake lever. Tired and cornered too fast in the wet bye-bye clutch lever.

    More riding and relaxed. Haven't given a lever a rough time for over 12 months.

    Maybe get some cheapy levers and ride ride ride. Go on Netrider rides. You'll know when you are getting good enough to not scare bits of your bike.
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  11. 1. get oggy knobs
    2. with u turns, just give it a bit of clutch - makes it easier with the higher revs, reduces the choppiness of the throttle and lets you go slower. and REAR BRAKE just a little bit to make it stable/smoother
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