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Yamaha YZF-R3 - 1st Bike

  1. very nice :) enjoy
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  2. cool colour scheme, especially the blue rims
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  3. Looks sicks. Do they come standard with the colour coded rims or did you set that up? And did you put a tail tidy on?
  4. Standard rims and yeah i put the tail tidy on. The stock fender was hideously big.
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    Can I pick you brains on the mods you've done. There's a few tail tidy options from different suppliers I've seen online. Which one did you go for? They look like after market rear indicators too? The Akra slip on looks sweet - have you noticed any performance benefits?

    You're bike looks stunning - thanks for sharing.

    Just noticed you already answered all of those questions...
  6. Lovely mate.
  7. The exhaust is more for look and sound.

    Got the tail tidy and exhaust from bikebiz
    R&G Yamaha YZF-R3 Licence Plate Holder - Bikebiz Parramatta

    The indicators i did front and back, i got from yamaha
    LED Blinkers | Y-Shop Australia