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Yamaha YZF-R25, YZF-R3

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by marviin3, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Does anyone know about the availability in Australia on these bikes can't seem to find much about them.

    Will they ever be available here in Aus?

    Thanks :)
  2. Bike sales says the r3 will be on sale by June this year
  3. By June, cool. Any news on R25?
  4. YamahaAus on instagram has a new R3 ad, it says it's arriving in dealerships in June 2015.
    Was also an ad in the latest AMCN mag. I want one!.
  5. I thought the R25 was only available in Asia. The R3 is coming in June as stated above. The R25 was not really considered for our market because it would have been down on power compared to the Z300. Ninja 300, CB300F, etc, etc.
  6. Yeah I'm pretty sure we're only getting the 300.
    I suppose they figure not many people bought 250 ninjas after the 300 came out, so what's the point?
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  7. #7 Pepper, May 18, 2015
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    The r3 media launch was today 18th may. Should see them in showrooms by June.

    They will have abs despite reports saying they won't. Will be priced high 6k on road.
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  8. So most dealers are doing a Y3 Launch/Test Ride day on 13 June.

    Anybody thinking of heading down?

    Anybody actually seen or rode one yet? Most reviews I can find seem to be positive.
  9. There's two in Top Gun Yamaha at Ipswich Qld. A black/red and a red/white. They look great.
  10. I did a test ride of the R3 last weekend, from Frankston Yamaha (Vic).
    Pretty nice bike, very smooth gear changes, feels way easier to ride than my R15.
    Seems to feel higher in riding position, more upright, pegs felt like they needed to be more set back.
    Looks like a super sport but rides more like a touring bike. Riding my bike now feels like I'm missing out on riding a real bike :(
  11. The DavonatorThe Davonator, Cool!

    When you say more upright, how do you think the R3 would go over longer distances, comfort wise?

    What price was Frankston Yamaha selling them for?
  12. I can only judge it based on my bike (R15) , I only did a 30 min ride, but felt like the handle bars were about 150mm higher than my R15, tank looked higher up, legs felt more cramped and higher for some reason, but maybe thats so your knees are closer to the tank for gripping it, something to do with seat height being lower?.
    I reckon I could do more hours in the R3 without my arms and wrists getting tired. Felt pretty good on the freeway, more planted than my R15 that gets blown around. Sounds sweet as well.
    Yamaha is selling it for $6,999 ride away. Blue/Silver version looks the best. Black is a bit meh, had to pull over to take a pic :)

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  13. It's similar to the Ninja 300 in a lot of ways but with more low-mid range power and it handles better at speed on the track. Plus, I think it look a lot better too
  14. Yeah, that colour is sweet. I wanted one of these when I bought my Ninja 300. But again, I'd find it hard to buy a buy like this brand new, when you know in 12 months time there'll be a bunch of people looking to upgrade.

    Though, I'm finding commuting on the Ninja very easy, I'd not want to upgrade and lose that ability.
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  15. That poor, poor stumpy Akrapovic.......

    The little fella needs a lap dance.
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  17. I'm really digging the look of the R3... I think I prefer the Blue myself...

    Hmm, Z300 or R3... Can't wait to ride one next weekend at the Launch day...

    $7k though is a little more than what I wanted to spend on my first bike... Hahaha...

    Here's a good local review that makes some comparisons to the Ninja 300...

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  18. Then buy of the squillions of cheap barely used 2nd hand ninja 300s like I did. After test riding the Z300 I realised I was paying an extra couple grand for the naked look as its the same bike really.
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  19. The Australian R3s are definately being fitted with ABS? Dovanator, can you confirm from your test ride?