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Yamaha YZF-R15

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Jaemus, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. I made a thread in the welcome lounge, but it seems wrong to keep updating that one after the introduction, and there's no 'bike diary' or 'showroom' section or whatever - this seems to be the closest - so I decided to make a thread here as a diary of the bike and it's adventures that are noteworthy.

    It's still new anyway right now :)


    Here we go.

    Had my first longish ride today, from Gosford to Swansea and back. Went down Wyong Rd on the way there so I could experience 4000 multi-lane roundabouts in a row (coasties know what I mean).

    Doubed the odo reading from 150 to 300 :)

    Pelican Flats, Swansea

    Riding solo today without the wife as she was off visiting her parents. Thought I'd try to get some more run-in k's wound off so I can actually use all of the 150cc powerband :p

    Everything went great, not too many zombies in cars either, plus nodded at lots of other bikes, it's fun feeling like you're part of a community and such :)

    Also enjoyed the use of motorcycle parking spots for the first time, right at the waterfront at the Entrance too, that was great :)

    A little numb, and had some tingles in my feet and fingers when I got back - single cylinder vibration :p - But nevertheless looking forward to the next ride. I covered the equivalent km's today of a ride to Sydney - so I now have an idea of what that might be like.
  2. Great ride! enjoy the road on 2-wheels.
  3. Gorgeous bike. Was going to buy one of those myself but I'm too tall for it.
  4. grats on the new ride

    good effort gettin to swansea...no surprise on the tingles.

    there's a couple of us in your area so feel free to PM if you want company on a ride
  5. cool, thanks guys :)
  6. So, I had a bit of time this morning to mess around.

    The rear mudguard / fender on this bike, stock, is probably the biggest i've ever seen on a road bike, especially given the size of the tyre :p

    So I set about trying to eliminate it. Thought the rear plastic was removable - but turns out (after spending about an hour removing everything around it) that it's one continuous peice, from the tip of the mudguard all the way down to the battery tray. Has lots of other stuff bolted to it and is generally not meant to be removed.

    So, I had to do what I didnt want to do - I abbreviated it with a saw.

    I can always screw it back on though, and I think the result was worthwhile.


    Then I set about rearranging the L plates and rego, and managed to 'lower' the seat by about 10mm - turns out I wasnt putting it on right :p Had wondered why it was always squeaking!


    For a grand finale I removed the pillion grab bars - not like I'll need to use those, short of tying down cargo. I will need to make up a little plate tho as this leaves a section of the tail exposed behind the seat.

  7. Just a quick update, passed my MOST today and got my P's :) YAY!

    Now only 12 months to go before I can get my open license and be rid of this bike - really not a great choice as it turned out I like long rides and it's super uncomfortable, and yes, slow. I'm even considering a cruiser, not sure yet, but otherwise im liking the Triumph Sprint and the VFR800.

    Clicked over 900 k's on the Yamaha on the way home. Time to celebrate with beer!
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  8. your been on the bike for over 3 months and your only just done 900k's whole shit i did that in my first week

  9. Congrats mate.
  10. Haha well I've been riding my wife's CBR as well, but yeah I need to get out there more.
  11. lol i did 12,000km in under 6 months and that was just getting around with shit all joy trips