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Yamaha YZF R125 With DWG Stereo

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by hosa85, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    just recently finished my new mod i put a DWG 150Watt Sound system on my bike here is a few links to youtube vids and a link to my blog

    I got them direct from dwg in the USA , I purchased the 3" sports speaker kit in black with the 150watt amp and remote control

    installation video

    system in use bike complete

    any questions let me know

  2. Must say I'm impressed ...it caters to my desire to Piss off p plate Barina drivers with MY shitty music for once
  3. Wow, there's a whole forum dedicated to the R125 :S
  4. It's not for me, but it is pretty cool! I had to laugh at the choice of music, after your apologies about not suiting everyone's taste, and your forearm tat, I was expecting metal!
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  5. can you still hear them ridding with your helmet on doing 110 up the road?
  6. Hahaha yes this is a bonus and they are more likley to turn there music down to work out where the hell the other music is coming from
  7. yeah i was quite surprised my self but they seem very popular in the UK enough to warrant there own forum.
  8. HAHAHA cheers, I seem to get that a lot
    yeah metal isn't the best choice for showing off the speakers, my fav is actually Aussie Hip-Hop
  9. I can only hear it up to around 80-90km due to the loud exhaust and the fact i have also hidden them under the fairings, but i would say under different circumstances yes they would be good.
  10. Just a few pics of the mounting position and size of the speakers

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  12. a few pics of my bike outside the mobile police station chatting with some mates in the force

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  13. my friends son loves the ride

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  14. you know i really doubt the R125 has 150watts off extra juice coming off the stator. so how does that work? to me if it's a 150 watt amp, your power source needs to be able to handle 150watts on top of what is already running off it. i really want to put this on my DR650 but I can't find anyway on the website which says how much wattage your stator needs free. I have only about 50 watts of extra juice available for accessories. does it rely on your motorcycle's battery and you not using it for too long constantly?
  15. do you think the amp would fit under a gs500's seat?
  16. Its more the voltage that it supplys back to the battery to ensure charge...i think you should be thinking about, the amp only uses 12v at a low amperage and yes it does rely on charge to the battery so best to only use the system for short periods when bike is off to avoid flattening the battery
  17. hey rat man, the amp is 80mm L x 65mm W x 40mm D
    so if you can fit your fist in the area it will probably fit
  18. yeah ok, I think i'll ask the makers
  19. cool i might get one when i get some money to spare