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Yamaha YZF-R1 2007

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  2. Very nice looking bike in both variants! :)
  3. Dat white T___T
    I'm in the market for an R1 and this makes me want it even more! Just when i thought i could be patient and wait it out..

    EDIT: How did you go about the fuel tank? Blue to white?
  4. Thanks Jaytee, i changed to white to be hopefully seen a bit easier on the road, but the blue paint job looked heaps better.

    yep Mcloren, patients got the better of me too ;) was just looking around at different bikes, then saw this one in excellent cond with low km. that was the end of it lol.

    P.S. the blue tank is just covered with an ABS plastic tank cover that came with the white fairings kit. the paint job is pretty ordinary, but it's being replaced by the online shop i bought it from along with some other parts.
    so hopefully the paint is better on the replacement parts. waiting for the new cover before i can put my tank pad and Stompgrip pads on...
  5. Funny that - i'm actually looking at buying an 07/08 R1 too. Just can't quite gather myself to like the colour schemes. Always loved white/gold or white but can't seem to find much on the market.
    Does the cover fit over the tank? I actually got recommended to avoid using it as the 'quality' leaves gaps which may result in the piece breaking. How's the fitment of the chinese fairings?
    Actually considering on buying a blue or black R1 then buying chinese fairings.. IF the R1 is cheap though otherwise might just wait it out for one i like.
  6. Hey McLoren

    i was very close to buying a black n' gold one, as i love the look of them. but i really want to been seen on road as much as possible

    to be honest mate if you want it to look perfect i can't really recommend the Chinese fairings. well the kit i received anyway
    it was advertised as premium paint, but unfortunately it was far from it. :(
    i have the tank cover/front surround around the headlights being replaced because of a very poor paint finish and a tab missing that locks the front surround to one side of the top fairing.
    the ducktail has a paint run approx 3-4 inches long.
    they are also replacing the lower parts of the fairing that cover the exhaust because of them scrimping on the heat shield material and one side has warped from the heat.

    what i am going to do now is get my original fairings that came with the bike, painted metallic white by a good painter and just keep the Chinese fairing as a spare set.
    so really iv'e done $850 buying something i'm probably not going to use again.

    as for the tank cover "other than paint" it fits really well mate, i can see no problems with using it and is a really solid fit
  7. Man you sound like me! And the boss says no black bikes. She wants me to be seen on the road as 2 wheels makes us some what invisible to other drivers already lol.
    I do love black/grey bikes - looks tuff! Simple and mean.

    I've bought china fairings fairings before which fit perfect but just the paint was off. I guess it's really a lucky draw out of the pot hey?
    I'm currently eyeing a white/red 07 R1 but man i hate the red seat and the red vinyl... Is ok i suppose..... *shrugs*

    The white sure does look great in those pictures though buddy!
  8. yeah mine fit ok too, but still not as good as the originals, some gaps here and there and some things don't quite line up, but that's being a little picky for $850...

    you can get the vinyl off with a hair dryer, but i think the white red looks pretty good too.
    could always get some custom seat covers made, think mine were about $150 from memory. and they fit great.

    thanks mate, i'm pretty happy with how the white and black looks (y)
  9. Yeah kinda defeats the purpose of 'oem' fairings. I rather just get another scratched up set and get it painted or chinese set like you :p
    Always better to scratch the cheaper set anyway.. For resell value.

    Oh wow cheap! Where from mate? If you don't mind me asking. Are they comfy?
    THere was another brand i was looking at - i can't remember now but they were about $300 a seat BUT the comfiest you'll ever put your bum on! Esp for a super sports bike lol.
  10. In white with the white writing on the rims...pure sex.
  11. there just the seat covers, so the same comfort as before, you can get a Gel insert for $30US from them too, but i didn't bother doing it.
    i actually paid $168 inc postage, as i just went for the leather. but you can get them made out of a few diff materials.
    they were from HTMOTO HT MOTO - Custom Upholstery & Foam Traction for Motorcycles, ATV, Buggies & More!!

    next time if i was to do it though i would buy a cheepie air powered stapler, as it was pretty hard to staple them to the nylon
  12. Looks fantastic! :)
  13. Farken gorgeous.
  14. the blue looks great, the white even better!
  15. Very nice but I think I like the blue more
  16. Oh my lawd I'm so in love with R1s - I had my heart set on one until I actually got to sit on one - actually it was more like climbing into one.
    I couldn't touch the ground on either foot.


    Your bike looks in lovely condition - nice machine!
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  17. Cheers guys (y)

    yep i liked the blue too, that's why i bought it really, but i really like the white now. i thought going white, i would be seen a bit better by other drivers too.

    i didn't think the R1's were that high ? i wouldn't say i'm tall (approx 5'8") and both my feet are flat on the ground when sitting upright.
    you can also lower them ;)
  18. my friend you are an optimist - thinking that cagers will see you on the road because you have a white bike, lol ;)
  19. hey every little bit helps right :p

    wish i had a camera on the other day when a "Rentokil pest control" ute with a steel canopy tried to take me out.
    he either didn't see me at all, or was trying to take me out "who knows"
    maybe some sort of message there lol :giggle:
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  20. Just saw this thread now - beautifull bike!