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Yamaha YW100/BeeWee mods... info needed

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Caz V1, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. I've taken the plunge and bought myself a spankin' new BeeWee.
    After stuggling with the static weight of the FZ for almost a year now, I needed or rather wanted something light and nimble just to zip around locally on, instead of having to deal with the heavy beast whenever I need to get out of a carpark or similar especially if on an incline, and turning the bike around in my folks driveway was driving me nuts.

    I''ve had the little scoot for 5 days now and can't wipe the massive grin from my face, it's so much fun.

    I have got a few mods in mind to hot up the little 101cc 2 stroke, can anyone who has a done this to their BeeWee confirm or deny any increase in performance that I can expect to get.

    I'm gonna learn how to wheelie on this little beasty :p

  2. go over to scootercommunity.com.au/forums

    there plenty of info and pl there who can help you make it go
  3. Awesome! I love the look of those things - just a completely functional peice of kit.

    Post up a review!
  4. Put a ZX14 engine in it.. :)
  5. lol, wouldn't that make my rego dearer?

    Thanks for the links folks :)

    I think I'll start with a pipe and variator, it comes with a jet kit.
    After that, I'll think about a big bore kit.
  6. Make sure that if you squid you shave your legs, to minimize wind resistance. By my calculations...

    Should be good for about 3 hp. Cheers!