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Yamaha XVS650A Classic 2010

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Kereaders, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. My new ride had it a few weeks already has the V&H Exhaust and if started in my shed makes things fall off the shelves and walls lol. Paid $8500 16000k's

    And my wifes new bike.
    XV250 Virago 2010 model with 79k's when we picked it up paid $5500

  2. nice. They are both among the best in their class. Love the 650 in particular
  3. I had a 650 today as a loaner while my bike was being serviced. They are an awesome machine. It was my first time on a cruiser and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    A set of pipes would sound nice.

    Congratulations on both of you getting out and riding together.

    I was left wanting more power, but I guess you cannot be picky on LAMS.
    I think I will be heading back next week to ride a 1300.
  4. the 650's a nice ride indeed :) enjoy!!
    This time next year [or sooner] you should DO THE RIGHT thing and pass your 650 to the missus, then you'll have no bike? :(
    Hmm best you look at the 1300 too lol
  5. That fluffy seat would tempt me to ride bare back and no one want to ever see that.