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Yamaha XVS650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by DZOG21, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Ey hows it goin im Deon typin from sydney and im lustin a XVS650.
    What id like you all to tell me is everything and everything about your XVS650- being how she is to ride, power wise, maitenance wise, looks wise, mods wise and anything which is wise:) I want to know all I can about this bike.
    Look foward to hearin all of your comments experiences and knowledge regarding the XVS650 both classic and custom, dragstar and v star.

    Thanks heaps.
  2. honda vt 750 ace
  3. LAMS mate...
    but smile
  4. Be a good choice for a LAMS cruiser - know a few people who have/had one.

    Don't know the difference betwen any of the models though :?

    Should get close to what you pay for it when you upgrade.
  5. yeah thats what i been thinkin, got my eyes on a 98 model 'drag star' for 6,500 with pod filters on it.
    Then il hyper charge it and put some nice exhausts on her. maybe lower the rear some, shel be adorable. thinkin about it man,,, wah its tiklin my heart, anyway if any1 knows anythin else about these babyz, let me know.

  6. I know you wont get your money back for the mods you do when you go to sell it - especially to a dealer. I know they sound boring original - find one that has already been done up and buy that.

    Sure tinker with it a bit, but don't pour too much cash into it if you are only going to keep it a year.
  7. I'm also looking at buying a XVS650.
    Is a 2000 model with 23,000 klms.
    I would not think that this is a lot of klms for this bike.
    Being new to the bikes after many years all info is good.

    biker one
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  9. A good mate of mine has one, and it's a bloody nice bike. Full sized thing, gets mistaken for a harley very often.

    If you're into it, stick a set of "bub's" pipes on it. My friend has them and lives 2 kilometres away. Late one night I stood in my front yard and listened to him ride home, and called him when I couldn't hear the bike anymore. He was walking into his house. If that's the kinda thing you're after, probably a good idea.

    That aside, it's got plenty of grunt and seems well made. I wouldn't buy one, but i can understand the appeal. I'd buy one new, however. They're dirt cheap at the moment, around 10k i believe.
  10. thanks anyway mate but im fine
  11. cos I JUST GOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I'm the Bloke with one for sale...
    but you don't have to buy from me...not now anyway.. unless you want two????
    but by all mean ask me pleanty of questions
    I love 'em
    i"v had mine a bit over twelve months
    LAMS leagle wich is great if you starting out and don't want a 250 pos.. like marlon said.most non bikers pick it for a harley
    my 6'5" frame is pleanty comfy on 'em, but like wise with a low seat heat and a heap of adjustment in the bars my 5' nothing mates are at home on it too.
    while they weight about 245kg wet it is well balance and the weight has a low center of gravity which makes 'em bloody stable.

    The power is great. pleanty for you average traffic Lights gp and cruising down the freeways or the twisties (only prob is the foot board touch down when you get a little enthusiastic)
    they have a heap of torque so they just pull away from idle

    with and exhaust they sound great and give a little more top end (intake mods will do wonders to).. but you need a full system as the upper muffler and rear header are one unit.... no slip-ons here.(there is a cross over built into it to..)

    over the years they havn't changed much. debut in 97 i think with the drag star... 2002 onward have the raised chrome badging but that is about it.
    basic bit of kit when it come to insturments.. speedo, blinkers, neutral high beam and engine lights

    the classics get a little more fender and foot boards heal and toe shift..... slightly diffrent trans case but much the same
    they run a 180 rear and 130 front with give pleanty of traction
    i get about 220km on ave till i hit the reserve which is good for about another 80 and with a 15 lt tank thats about 5lt/100km, but that is pushing my big arse around, but it will get down to 4/100

    there are plenty of accessories in the states but the are a little thiner on the ground here but that is what ebay is for
  13. so DZOG21
    do tell what did you end up with????
  14. thank you very much mate thats really appreciated.
    I got a 98 Dragstar. Shes gorgeousy sexy.
    Custom model
    gettin her delivered ina few days so.. il let yous know!