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Yamaha XVS650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by PigironBob, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Well I have had my XVS650 for just on 1000k now and I am very happy with it.
    Mods. 1. V & H pipes, 2. Aeromach risers with one and a half inch pull back because I have short arms. For me the riding position is now very comfortable. 3. Removed the pillion seat.

    The motor has heaps of low down torque and will operate between 40kph and 100+kph with ease in 5th gear. Take of at lights is good with good speed that requires quick gear shift to at least 3rd and then on through to 4th and 5th. Not as quick of the mark as a road bike but then it is a cruiser. The controls are well located and easy to use, the only beef I have is the turn signal warning light is green and hard to see if the sun is on it. The bike is light enough for city running around with out any problems and also great for country cruising.
    The longet run I have been on so far is a round trip to Mandurah of about 250k and the bike performed very well through out the ride and was pleasure to get it up to 100 and cruise there for a while. It is my intention over the next few weeks to go out into the counry east of Perth and do some cruising through the Darling ranges and the wheat belt to get to really see how the bike performs under more diffcult terrain rather than cruising on coastal flats all the time.

  2. Rather suites a old guy like me.
  3. A kmate of mine just got a Vstar Classic and I cant get him off it so I can have a ride. We looked at the 650's but he got a great deal on the star so took the bigger option.

    He's 5 foot nothing and the bike looks huge for him. He rode it home from Pakenham (Vic) to Sale and parked it in a cage park then couldnt walk it back out of the space because of the slope and had to get someone to help push it! That wouldnt have happened on the 650! Guess where he doesnt park any more?

    Enjoy your 650.
  4. Those lager V stars are great as well. I got mine at a bloody good price too.
  5. XVS650 newbie


    The XVS650 is learner legal in NSW but it's a big step up from the 250's you'd normally start out with. I'm medium build, and am wondering if I'm kidding myself pining after this beautiful cruiser as a first bike. What do you experienced blokes reckon?
  6. Re: XVS650 newbie

    The dont feel big on the road and not to heavy at traffc lights. They produce enough torque to put a smile on your face but not enough power to pin your ears back. If you are average build and have SOME riding experience they should be ok. They need to be serviced on time being air cooled and the black ones are a pain to clean (ask my V Star mate) but as a long term prospect and depending on your type of riding will be a good choice. Hope this helps.
  7. Don’t delay, go buy it ASAP, if it’s what you pine for then it is for you, why buy a different bike and have regrets.
    Life’s too short for regrets and the 'I should of this, that, or the other'
  8. Yeah, thats so true. I could have selected other bikes to what I did, but its what I truly wanted and I'm so much happier for it.
  9. Sold the XVS 650 and bought Xvs 1100. Oh what a difference.

    Hi All
    Sunday 19 Feb 06, met up with about 15 guys and gals from the Fremantle chapter of the Ulysses club for a ride in the country. Start at 0800 hrs Amadale headed into the hills and headed for Gidgeganup then Northam and onto Grass Valley tavern for lunch, returned to Perth via Toodyay, a round trip of about 400 km. The roads were mainly of the main highways and had lots of bends and some good twisties and ubends as well.
    The Yamaha XVS1100 performed extremly well in all the conditions, powering through corners at ease and passing cars on the highway sections with even more ease, boy has this bike got some get up and go when it is at 100ks, just twist the trottle a little and 140ks comes up pretty darn quick, ease it back to cruising speed of 110ks and it just loves it. at one stage we came to a "T" intersection about 1/4 way up a very steep and long hill, round the corner in second, power on to third power on to 4 th and speed was 100ks and stll picking up and this hill is being eaten away, into top and right on the tail of a Ducati monster over the hill a series of sharp bends and the Duke is gone. Oh well you get that. I enjoyed the day out and the bike performed above my expectations.
    Used about 9l of fuel for the first 120ks and that seems ok to me as this was the hilliest and twistiest section of the ride.
    Thats about it for now, happy riding.
  10. xvs650 newbie


    I've been off the air for a bit, but thanks for your advice on the VXS650 as a first bike. I've also asked around, and there's some great threads on Netrider, and a good first bike article in this month's 2 Wheels. I'm going to let my head rule this one, and start with a 250. I still like the cruisers, and the Honda VT250 Custom looks like the bike for me - shame Honda have dropped it from their current line up. Anyway, nothing stopping me from stepping up to the 650 once I've settled in. I'm sitting my L's next week, and will be getting my backside on a bike as quick as I can afterwards. :!:
  11. MyChickn,
    I went thru this same thing about a month ago and decided to just bite the bullet and get the larger bike. Everyone that sees it says it looks huge. But believe me, when you're in the saddle and cruising around it is bloody great. I assume you are like me. round 40, never been riding before and just a little hesitant to get yourself into trouble. I'd advise going for the bigger bike. You will keep it longer, learn some more self control on it, and appreciate it when people look at the bike and say, oh yeah, that's you. I couldn't see you on a 250. It is up to you and you have to feel comfortable with your decision, but having just recently gone thru this process, I'd highly recommend the larger XVS650....


    BTW, whereabouts in Sydney are you from...?
  12. Gypsy,

    Don't do that to me! I thought I had it figured out! You're exactly right though. I'm hesitant about the extra bulk of the XVS650, particularly wielding it at slow speed when I go for my P's. I'm not a big bloke - about 5'9" and 75kg - and I don't want to make the process harder than it needs to be. Just to complicate things further, I'm also managing my darling wife who just loves the idea of me on two wheels - NOT! I'm thinking, start out small and it won't freak her out so much when I eventually turn up on the bigger bike. Shouldn't be this complicated, should it!!!

    BTW, live Croydon Park, which is around Burwood, Strathfield.
  13. When's your L's course? At Clyde I gather? If you like I c an bring the bike around either next weekend or before you decide. That way both you and your missus can get a look at it, have a sit on it, maybe even take it for a quick spin, depending on how confident you feel. Belive me, once you actually have a seat on one, you will see the light. Alternatively, you can go down to a few bike shops and sit on a few different bikes. You'll feel the difference between a 250 and the 650. Think to yourself, can you really see yourself riding the 250 in 6 to 12 months time? Do you really want to go thru the process of selling and buying another bike so soon? Get you L's and go from there.

  14. Mate, that's sensational - I really appreciate the offer. I spent some time at Bike Biz a few weeks ago and sat on the XVS250 and XVS650. The 650 definitely feels great, but I remember noticing the difference in weight off the stand. The sales guy suggested I hire a 250 for a weekend to get a feel for the ride, but reckoned I'd be finding it light-on by the end of the weekend. Not bad advice. If I bought the 650 though, I'd be tempted to hire a 250 just to get me through the provisional test. Is that a dumb idea?

    I'm at Clyde on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, and planning to sit the DKT on Wednesday. I'll let you know how I go, and maybe we can tee something up. Thanks again.
  15. My XVS1100 is my first bike also.
    Its not learner legal down here in victoria but i just cant get off the thing.

    i put a hypercharger on it and a bigger carbi.
    Its got heaps of power and is a real comfortable ride.

    Ohh and the chicks love i :)
  16. GET THE 650!!

    Don't worry about weight off the stand - you are only doing this for a fraction of the time you are on the bike. Once rolling, will be very easy to control.

    If this is the style of bike you are after, a 250 will run out of legs for you very quickly and you will be looking to upgrade anyway.

    You just got to take it easy the first few times.

    Look forward to hearing how you go.
  17. Re: XVS650 newbie

    My mate Valorie in the USA started on a v star 650 classic, she found it heavy for about the first two hours, just going slow, and lifting it off the stand, the next day she was SO glad she had not bought the 250 Virago.

    A month later she rode around the USA with me and had no trouble at all.
  18. Yeah, my vote for the 650 too. I haven't ridden one, but I DID ride a 250 Virago one day when my 600 Hornet was in for a service. DON'T DO IT, honest, it'll turn you off riding for life!

    (My apologies to all who have/have had Viragos)
  19. Mate, like Toecutter said, don't worry about it off the stand. The bike sits really well, and because it's weight is low, you don't really have the same problem with 'carrying' the weight. Listen to everybody's advice. You will regret getting the 250 after a couple of hours, not weeks or even days.

    As for hiring a 250 for the P's MOST test, see how you go once you have the bike. I'm even considering it but just not thinking about it for now. Just chalk up those riding hours and practice the MOST test in your own time. If you don't feel confident doing it on the 650 hire a 250. Only cost a hundred bucks or so. When you consider how much you'll lose on buying a 250, selling a 250 and then buying something bigger, it makes sense. Just the transfer of the rego is more than the cost of hiring a bike for the test.

    Anyway, let us know how you do with the course. I can vouch for everybody here. There is no shortage of people who are willing to help out in one way or another.....

  20. I must be an oddball, I have a virago and love the thing. I too have been looking at the xv650 and think maybe one day, but at the moment i am restricted to 250. depends what you want to do with your bike. All i want to do with mine is comute to and from work as cheap as possible. I have no problems getting to and from work on the virago. i cruise somewhere between 80 - 100km/h (36kms one way) roads are virtually flat up here so bike handles it well. fuel bill has gone from $45-$50 a week to around $15 which was the whole object of the excersise for me. As for being blown around as some say on the lighter bike, that really hasn't happen to me that much, trucks dont worry me when passing (depending on what shape of truck) but you soon learn what ones will and how to prepare for them. I am also 6'2" and around 85kgs so that probably helps with the control of the thing. anyway just my 2 bobs worth. I agree with the others if you like the bigger bike and are allowed by law to ride it then you would be crazy to drop back to the 250 providing you feel comfortable with the extra weight ( I didnt when i sat on a 650 first time) and feeling confident with the bike is very important. I like lighter bikes cause you can throw them around more. I also beleive if your not confident about the weight of your bike you are more likely to drop it. I live 40kms away from the NSW border and I sometimes wish that i live over ther so I could have tried the 650, but then wonder how it would be on fuel and would i really be saving that much by riding a 650 as opposed to the car. I get roughly 100kms down the road on 3 1/2ltr of petrol with the virago.
    can anyone on a xvs650 tell me what they are like on juice?
    My virago does all i want it to do so for the moment I really dont see myself changing bike in a hurry. Cheers all Andrew